Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lady of the Lake

While I was waiting for the blog to load, my eye was taken to the 'Florida Crash Interstate 75'. The 75 then rang out with a bell, that it was the year 1975 that the last days of the end times began. That was the year that Arafat and his men murdered the Christian population in Southern Lebanon.

Today, we have written about the 'Byron Nuclear Reactor' event on our other blog because it is another warning to Americans in the USA. [1]

The post also mentions 'EXCALIBUR' and that also relates to Montana and Elizabeth Claire Prophet's Camelot. As we know her kingdom fell just like Babylon mentioned in Rev 18, Jezebel is also mentioned in Rev 2. We have also written about the 'Abode' of the Babylonians that frequent the conspiracy forums. Many of whom co-create disease and allow others to do so, just like the mice that look for the crumbs. As the LORD said in 2009, he is going to 'Kill the germs'. As we know the mice are certainly a carrier for the germs that they carry, just like the rats and cats.

Cats were never meant to live in the homes of the people. The job of the cats was to kill the mice that create disease on the land. The more that people lived with cats, the more they become like them. The more prosperous people became the more pets that they had. Trading in pets then became the trade of merchants. Instead of leaving the animals in their natural environment and habitat, men saw a way of making money by capturing and selling the animals. As such, the animals that were meant to live in the wild for divine purpose were then put into captivity. The more that man put the animals into captivity, the more that man was taken into captivity. As the LORD said 'It is not a one way street'.

As we know the cat is a 'stalker' and it 'stalks' the mice. Large cats like Leopards mentioned in Rev 13, also 'stalk' the gazelle that defends the tree of life. They have even been known it run in a pack and besiege an elephant and her babies. In the USA, women even call themselves after cats like 'cougars' etc.

This was an interesting video it is called 'Lady and the Lake' apparently, it was photographed in Switzerland, and I do have an Austrian friend that is currently working in Switzerland. In the video there is a figure that is completely immersed in water, like a woman that has not taught herself to walk upon it. In other words they have not become 'master of emotions' or where it leads them. As such, they stay submerged in the lake.

When the floods came, many refused to leave the beautiful palaces that were now under the ocean. So they stayed there when others went onto land of paradise. It was hard to leave those we loved behind. However, we had no choice, procreation for the continuation of humanity on the land was essential.

Atlantis was not destroyed in one go. There were many warnings before hand and a lot happened afterwards as well.

Rescue the children from the emotion that co-creates disease, please. Rescue the mothers from the emotion that co-creates disease, please. Help the people to move beyond a requirement for pharmaceutical drugs that disempower and kill the soul of consciousness.

Lotus Feet

1. http://academysounds.blogspot.com/2012/01/bryon-reactor-warning.html

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