Thursday, 12 January 2012

Russian Satellite Crash Indian Ocean?

BBC report that Russian satellite is going to come crashing back to earth this weekend and Rory' O'Neill the former principle systems engineer with the Geophysical Institute's Alaska Satellite Facility, told Radio 5 live Breakfast what happened to it. The Russian probe, Phobos-Grunt was destined for a mission on Mars prior to going missing shortly after takeoff in November. [1]

Made me laugh listening to the short interview. Russians blaming the USA for what is happening to their space adventures. Its like one little boy saying to another one 'you broke my toy'. 

Big boys toys indeed.

Russians still haven't caught on that there are other forces at work. 

In the mean time, Obama is asking for another $1.2 trillion dollars to prop up his administration. [2]

And little boy Cameron has been commanded to go off to Saudi. Off the little boy goes at the command of his boss. Who reports on it? The Security correspondent. They must think that we were born yesterday! [3]


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