Monday, 30 January 2012

Blue Sphere Shower UK

Well first it was raining Apples in England and now it is 'Blue Jelly Spheres' found in Bournemouth, in Dorset. In the interview on the BBC, you can see them.

The headline says 'Bournemouth resident mystified by 'blue sphere shower'. It was reported on the 27th of Janaury, 2012. The spheres are jelly-like and have no smell and are not sticky. The 3cm balls came raining down late on Thursday afternoon during a hail storm. [1]

At the same Richard Branson and his company Virgin are in the news again due to payments to the Met police. We knew that they were privatizing the police force due to the government wishing for them to run like a business. However, this means that legally a business can hire them to work for companies like Virgin. The government will be selling off the police force next because their running out of things they can sell.[2] As we know when a country doesn't haven't assets left to sell, then they sell the people.

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