Thursday, 19 January 2012


Snow arrives in the Sahara Desert. The month of my birth, February 1979, snow fell in several places in Southern Algeria. Interesting that there are mountains there called 'Tibesti'. does it remind you of Tibet? [1] February is the month of Aquarius of my physical birth, 1979 was the year that I married. 

Now snow falls again in the Sahara desert in western Algeria. A 24 hour cold spell brought snow and rain to the region. Strong wind blew the snow across roads and buildings in the province of Bechar on Tuesday.  In Hindi it can mean the following: 

'Times', 'Bar', 'Twelve', 'Round', 'Turn', 'XII', 'Bout', 'Top', 'Service', 'Call', 'Spell', [2]

As we know this is a 2012 and the name of the place gives us 12. XII is also a trump card and the card of the hanged man. Earlier today, I had written about the gay community and then the lights went off so I never posted the information about the next gateway opening coming on the 4th of February, 2012. 

As we know the 'hang man' is a person that is hanging in suspension upon the tree of life, and the tree is in the shape of the letter T. So what is the world waiting for and how does the snow relate to the biblical prophecies? The snow is to do with Moses and the one that was promised to him. When Moses was working with the the LORD he had a skin disease like snow on his arm. The snow is another sign of the one, that has the skin disease like Moses. The Psalms also mention the snow and the Messenger. We also shared a video today of Bruce Springsteen's latest album,  and he is asking for the promise. The song is called 'We take care of our own'. As the LORD said 'To HE that understands the promise, there is no secret'. 

Many years ago I brought back a crystal as big as a football from the Sahara and it sits in the garden with an angel. 

I had to laugh today at Israel and Saudi with their cyber wars. Boys being boys! 


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