Friday, 27 January 2012

Orthodox 'Filthy' Rags

The orthodox and 'filthy rags. The Christian orthodox are accusing others of wearing 'filthy rags' when it is in fact themselves that are wearers of them.

Let's look at that word shall we?

When it is mentioned to do with Joshua it is given in comparison of Joshua when he is standing in front of an angel. In other words the angel is pure.

In the Hebrew it is Tsow and it comes from an unused root that meaning 'to issue'. So in the Hebrew it relates to people that have 'issues' to heal.

The same meaning could be applied to when Jesus told the Jewish priests to take off their garments and trample them under their feet.

The terminology also appears in Isaiah 64 and it is to do with 'iniquity' that is no surprise, because it is only people that haven't healed the root causes of their core issues that co-create 'iniquity'.

In the Greek, it appears again in the book of Revelation and the origin of the word means to be 'defiled'. As we know people can be 'defiled in many others. It happens between parents and children. It happens when parents 'indoctrinate' their children into religious beliefs and when they crush the will of the child. 

It happens in health and education as well. In addition to it happening in relationships when a person commits adultery, when the people involved are sleeping with more than one person at time, they adulterate their own energy. The sexual energies stay with a person for at least six months. Hence, why it can take time for people to get over a break up of a relationship due to the mix of the energies.

Now to the man that wrote about the 'filth', it is important for the orthodox to understand and appreciate that there are many pure Angels that have put a tremendous amount of effort into healing and purifying themselves for the LORD and his Queen.

In Jewish mysticism they're called  the 'Angels of Elohiym'. 

The energies of the 'pure' can also be 'defiled' by the issues of others energetically. Hence, why it is very important that the people are aware of the energies of the people that they get involved with.

The Son of God once said to me that when children grow up learning about energy, then their marriages will last, because they will be attracted to the right energy. 

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