Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Comanche Chairman 2012

David Yeagley, an American Indian patriot speaks about patriotism in this video and how Americans have changed and the reasons why. He mentions the left wingers that are changing the mindsets of the young in the educational establishments. He also states that a 'warrior without an enemy' destroys itself and that is what is happening to the USA. As we know Jesus taught his followers to love his enemies although Rev 13 is not so forgiving of the Obama supporters and it states that they are not written in the lamb's book of life. They were warned in advance what would happen if they stood against the holy Spirit.

The left also struggle with God as they support the law of man that oppresses the people instead of the spiritual law of creation. The biblical prophecies also predicted the slaughter of the American Indian, the red hairy ones, and it predicts that the land of ESAU will become stubble and that nobody will survive it. However, the biblical prophecies also predict that Joseph can help them, and the tribes of Joseph will be saved. In addition there is another prophecy about the Bozrah deliverance and that relates to another Indian, Russell Means from the Lakotah nation. He too has an important role to help his people.

The survival of the USA will require the people to listen to the will of the LORD and implement it. Otherwise their nation will continue to suffer until it is completely destroyed. The destruction of the twin towers was also predicted by Prophet Isaiah and the Chief taking all of their money. That chief is none other than Obama. He is also mentioned in Proverbs 30. He is the slave that became a king, with two daughters and the chapter tells you that he is a 'leech'. In the book of Daniel and Rev 13, he is the Leopard that was given authority by the beast for 42 months. The 42 months are finished in June 2012.

In this video from David Yeagley he gives you the low down.

Will the people allow him to help you? I hope so.

David Yeagley is seeking nomination to become Chairman of the Comanches. I do not agree with everything that David says or how he says it sometimes. However, I support David, in him becoming Chairman of Comanches. His background has a lecturer in a university provides him with the skills required to be a Chairman. He also has the best interests of the Indians, other Americans and his country in his heart. A wonderful musician and composer. He has my blessing, the blessing of Joseph delivered on behalf of the LORD. May he continue to be dauntless in the face of adversity. May he defend his lands and people the best way that he knows how. How amazing it would be then, if the American Indians end up saving the USA, due to what their foreign invaders have done to it.


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