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Wealth -v- Values

There are some Native American Indian tribes that are wealthy and there are some that are the complete opposite. Are the wealthier tribes sharing with the poorer ones? It does not appear to be so. As such, what do the Native Americans have to share with the righteous in terms of true spirituality, if true sharing is not lived by them?

Many of the American tribes are in the state of 'protection' and 'preservation'. On my spiritual journey I integrated that in the true power of love, there is no requirement for protection because divine love in manifestation is the greatest defender of all that is good.

If the tribes had been living in that divine love would the Europeans been able to put them asunder? I feel not, because in the divine light of the being, the people are always guided divinely.

Some of the Indians were warned in advance what was coming to be, so that they could avoid it. However, in their innocence, they did not pass the 'temptation initiation'. They were tempted by what the white man offered them that was like a 'poison' to their beings.

Just like humanity consume that which 'poisons' them today. The difference is today, due to education, people do not know the difference between that which is good for the being and that which isn't.

People do have their eyes open, and at the some time choose to ignore what is self-evident. Hence, self-destruction and perishing continues until such time as individuals choose to return to the sacredness of their being. With many it is life circumstances that force the return, when people simply cannot take anymore of what life throws at them.

Others are not so fortunate to have the good sense to ask why? Then the right questions. In my experience, it is when people begin to ask why? Why is this happening to me?

Why I am attracting this energy into my life? What have I done to deserve it? Then people make the breakthroughs and begin their soul searching, seeking within for the reasons. Then they come to understand energy and how it impacts on their own being and the spiritual law that pertains to it. That is how my journey of ascension began. I found the holy grail because I asked the right questions.

There is always a higher perspective. I have recently completed a high level initiation, not for myself. For the sake of humanity. What I have gained from my experience these last few years, is priceless in its culmination. Now I await to be divinely guided on how best to present what has been shown due to the experience. Experience that impacts on the health of nations and the future of the nations. At the moment I am sharing it with a few people that are involved in vibrational medicine and the healing arts. As far as I am aware, what has been shown to me as never been discussed before, anywhere.

It is imperative that people change their ways, their language/words and the way that they treat people for humanity to survive. 

A person said "Individualism doesn't exist without selfishness'. 

You know sometimes people have a worldview that is based upon 'perception of reality' due to having not removed their perceptions of reality. There are always different ways to view reality. 

From experience I know that people can be unique individuals and still be divine love in manifestation on the earth plane.

In my experience people are breaking the never ending cycles of 'abuse' and 'abusiveness' that was shown to me back in 2002/3 when I was working with and helping the underprivileged families to heal themselves.

However, the conclusions that I have come to in recent weeks; is of a different reality to do with genetics, and the never ending karmic cycles that are the cause of many diseases carried from life time to life time. I had worked with that in the past in other realities. However, this new insight and truth is different to what I have been sharing for decades. It relates to specific and particular cultures that impact on the culmination of what humanity has become and is becoming; if people do not engage with turning the tide.

20 million children are being drugged with pharmaceutical drugs that will increase 1,000 fold if humanity do not return and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

That is why in the healing process of the 'new model for empowerment' we helped the people to remove their hats and masks. It was wonderful what they found when they removed them, the purest essence of their being.

There was a clinical psychologist that thought like you did, and in one of his papers that he asked me to respond to. He had written about how spiritual people view themselves as 'superior' to others. I wrote him and told him that there are two different ways of looking at that. First when he heals himself and seeks within at why he views people in that way, then his own perceptions of himself and others will change. Then he will no longer view others as being or acting as 'superior' to him. Of course, academia and its 'sausage machine' is all about their 'superiors' and so it also found in the corporations as well.

I suppose I was fortunate to be brought up in a family where we were taught that we were born free in equality with everyone, and that nobody was superior to us. As such the way that we viewed the world was different to most people. There was no 'superior -v- inferior' reality. We were inspired to work hard and through hard work the rewards come. There was never talk or mention of outcomes, and I know that our parents remained silent about their dreams for us. They never lived their dreams through their children like it often happens in families.

If people have an issue with anything or anyone, the first place to look is within. Sometimes it will be to do with what people are being asked to learn about themselves, sometimes it can be to do with karma, or a life initiation on the rite of passage that they are being asked to integrate to help others.

The professor also mentioned 'ego' in his paper regarding spiritual people and I reminded the professor of Carl Jung's philosophy in regards to the 'altered ego'. I explained it to him in simple terms, not in the way of the academic Jung. The 'ego' can be altered due to many life circumstances, when people allow others to adulterate their being. People often go their willingly due to their 'desire'. Hence, why 'desire' brings back to the root of the tree of life that began rotting in 2004.

Both Jesus and Buddha taught that 'desire' was the cause of all pain and suffering. That is certainly true. Hence, why we have encouraged people to heal the 'need' of their 'desires'. That relate to their childhoods to assist them to break the cycles.

In my experience when people are willing to do that, then they begin the ascent into the heart of the essentials of 'we give', 'I GIVE'. Sometimes people cannot afford to give financially. However, they can give of themselves, they can give their energy to help others. The other day a friend popped in and she brought me some eggs from her chickens. She also offered a hair appointment with a top hairdressing salon in town, because she has been offered two for the price of one. Her giving from her heart is appreciated. It is the fact that person has thought about you, and put the effort into showing you that they really do care. Its about caring fully for others and most of all the children that require all the care that we can give them.

The heart was made for giving and that is why it is forgiving.
'The depth of your forgiveness, determines the depth of your love' from Sacred Words 

The fact is that the people that worked hard, feel that they have the right to spend their own money, that they worked for in the way that they choose. And who is to tell them differently?

I know from my involvement in charities and fund raising for charities; that business people and their friends give a lot of money to charities local and national. Many of them give their money instead of their time; and the charities simply would not exist without the financial support that they receive.

Hence, why there was great concern a few years ago when the rock stars were dying off because people from the music industry were very supportive of the eco charities like Greenpeace during the 20th century.

It is clear from the fact that St Pauls Cathedral receive 20,000 pounds everyday, there is plenty of money slushing around. However, it comes back to priorities and values. Do people value a religious building for worship more than the children? This is what Jesus was saying to the Jewish priests.

It was about values and what people valued. He was telling them that they valued earthly realities above heavenly ones. If people did not value what he was sharing about heavenly realities to help humanity to change its values, how do you think it is going to happen now? Jesus told the priests that as they did not listen to him about earthly realities, how will they ever understand heavenly ones? Hence, why he told them his kingdom was not their kingdom.

Lotus Feet nature of ELIAKIM JOSEPH-SOPHIA 

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