Tuesday, 17 January 2012


It is no surprise to me that this is the 14th post in January on this blog. As we have been discussing Rev 14, the 144,000 and the Nostradamus prophecies that relate to it on our other blog.

This video was recorded in Windsor, Canada in August 2011. It truly is cosmic awesomeness. It is being described as a rainbow pink halo phenomenon and it looks like a planet. As we know the place name, Windsor is to do with England, the land of Joseph. Its also the name of a famous castle that sits upon the land. Apparently, Prince Charles has been considering living there instead of Buckingham Palace when he becomes King in a few years. As the current Queen Elizabeth has said that she will retire then and hand over the throne to him. 

As we know Joseph is the flame mentioned in the biblical prophecies and was predicted for this timeline. Known for the coat of many colors that Prophet Isaiah also predicted in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The rainbow is to do with hope, a good omen and people also know that it is do with the covenant with the LORD God. Symbolic of the rainbow warriors as well, and the eco rainbow children. Prophet Isaiah also predicted that I would come with the children. Isaiah 8. 

The Pink is important to me, it relates to the pink dolphins that turned up in the lake in 2009. It is also to do with the Love Ambassador that was instructed to wear pink for the gathering on his holy hill in May 2006. Prophet Hosea predicted that the LORD himself would plant her in Jezreel and that the he would betroth his people to him with faithfulness and righteousness. Psalm 92 predicted that the Harp of Faithfulness would come at night time. So it is no surprise that this video was taken at evening time. The Harp of Faithfulness is the teacher of righteousness that was predicted in the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

All for the glory of the LORD God, his light of truth, honor, grace and mercy. 

Lotus Feet

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