Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Recently we featured the 'Cape Cod Christian' post and the Dolphins that had died there and how it related to judgement. [1] Since then we have also had the 'Florida Crash Interstate 75' and 75 is to do with when the last days of the end times began. That was when Arafat's men murdered the Christian population in Southern Lebanon.

Now we have 100+ dolphins beaching in the past month in Cape Cod and the scientists do not know why. January 31st is the 'Day of Sociability' and as we know dolphins are social animals that care about humanity. Beings of unconditional love that are prepared to give their own lives to warn you of what is coming. The fact, that it is in Florida again, does not bode well for Florida. As we know there was also news of a virus to do with Rabbies that has also been released there.

100 is to do with the spiritual law in the new testament and when Jesus speaks of it, he speaks of it in terms of what you give will come back to you 30, 60 or 100 fold. Of course, it can also happen in the opposite way if people refuse to give or if people transgress the spiritual law. This is another warning to Florida. Teshuvah.

In the scripture Jesus told his followers that nature was the holy scroll, and Jeremiah told the people that they do not understand the signs from the LORD that are shown to the people in nature. He gave the birds as an example of how they know when to migrate and how the people do not recognize messages that the birds bring. Snowy Owls are also migrating South months sooner than is normal and the scientists do not understand that either. Of course, they don't, how could they, how many scientists can talk to animals or to the birds like the true prophets and true saints could and can?

The scientists say that these dolphins are found upon a 25 mile coastline. 25 is a quarter of a century and 2+5 = 7. Seven is also related to the spiritual law in the OT and in the NT as well. In Hebrew gematria it is the value of the ZAYIN, and Rabbi's relate it to the 'woman of valor.' In other words its about daughter ZION and the LORD's plan for the last days as written in Micah 4.

These dolphins have been beaching for three weeks and 3 x 25 = 75. I get the feeling that the Christians are being asked how many signs will it take to convince you? What will it take for you to accept the will of the LORD?

Its no coincidence that I was sent to Florida for the first time in 2008. To St Augustine on the coast. I did not know until I arrived there, that was the place where the first cross was put down by a priest. I asked for the photographs of me that were taken in Florida by Michael's camera after he died. Of course, they did not do as I asked of them. They did not honor daughter ZION, and when they did not honor daughter ZION, they did not honor the LORD and his Son either.

Teshuvah Florida, Teshuvah

1. http://christvisionloveunion.blogspot.com/2012/01/cape-cod-christians.html

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