Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Messiah Opted Out

There is no law that can force a person to open the post, or answer the phone. Anyone that forces you to do so is breaking the spiritual law of the cosmos, as such, it attracts a massive amount of karma. For what you give will come back to you 1,000 fold. Jesus spoke of it in terms of 30, 60 and 100 times.

Messiah did not open the post in 2011. Daughter ZION opted out completely from the system that oppresses the poor, sick and homeless. Of course, those that would like to speak to me seek legal address. However, man's law is not the same as the law of the prophets and no man can tell me what to do. They took my driving license and now they wish to take my car. Government agencies that break the law, they even break the UN law of human rights and privacy, the law of man is completely lawless and they wonder why the people become lawless and set the towns and cities on fire in response.

When they arrested the Messiah, Queensland paid the price. The land was completely flooded. Did you get the memo humanity?

As the LORD said 'It is not a one way street'. To date it has been a one way street for the governments and corporations. They have neither relationship with their customers or those that they are paid to serve.

Governments like the corporations are self-serving. They do not serve the best interests of the people and nor do they help the people. As such, the people will stand against them with my blessing. Until the day comes when the men that have controlled this world are completely defeated.

The wondrous woman from heaven has the moon under her feet for good and divine purpose. Has the bible predicted, she shall crush the head of the serpent that licks the dust.

Man's law that is implemented by the governments serves one purpose only, to keep the men in control and domination of the people. To keep the oppressors, oppressing the people by crushing their will to be free from oppression.

Who do they think they are to put themselves above the law of God and his creation? Do they honestly think they are more powerful then the LORD and the law of creation? Think again! They will all be defeated one by one. No more will men oppress my people, no more will men be self-serving. They shall all be imprisoned for what they have done. The people are taking their power back from those that do their utmost to disempower them.

How dare they demand 80 pounds and the seizing of the car that sits on private land. The car is off the road and on private land. As such, there is no tax to pay.

I refused to take a breath test, because they had no legal right to stop me, it was a politically charged arrest, I had been set up, they were waiting for my arrival. The police officer wasn't even on duty, so who was he working for exactly? We all know that some of the police officers have more than one job, this also shall come into the light of day. Including who they are working for in their spare time.


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