Monday, 23 January 2012

Truther 'Pestcontrol' Release Him NOW

This is the 26th post in January and 26 is the gematria value of the name of the LORD God.

After I made the post on the Alabama Tornado and the two that have died, I went to post the information at a forum that do not visit very often because I had moved on. When I arrived one of my old threads called 'Days are numbered' was at the top. When I went into the thread there was a message from a truther that goes under the name of 'Pestcontrol'.

He was arrested on the 2nd of December 2011. If any of you know a truther that goes by the name of "pestcontrol' (USA) please send good intentions to him. 

This is what he posted on one of my old threads that was called the 'Days are numbered' and it was about the USA.
pestcontrol wrote:
I was arrested on December 2nd and the boobylonions sent me to a secure mental facility, i think i scared them the full body scanner was beeping and flashing but when they used the hand held on me they were met with silence, i was down to my underpants and they gave up in the end, i was treated like a sub human, it has taken me this long to get "supervised" internet access, under the mental health act i have "no rights" and the shrinks are god, so anybody posting in my name after dec2nd is not me because it has taken me this long to get access, i expect to be held for a very long time at least you know what happens to people who dissapear, they are trying to re educate me using powerful medication and so i most likely will not be the same guy if i ever get released.

If you know any of his friends in the USA you may like to contact them. Thank you.

In the meantime I will hold him in my heart, and say a prayer for him. Jesus warned us about the medical profession. 

Dear LORD God please get this man released as soon as possible. Please do all that you can to make sure that he comes home, safe and sound. 

Thank you LORD may your will be done. 


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