Friday, 27 January 2012

Interdependence and Essentials

Today, 'interdependence' and helping each other is being discussed and the person that raised it was talking about the 'needs' of the community.

IMHV, there is a big difference between 'need' and 'essentials'. Essentials are of the heart and we did predict that the time of would come when people would move into 'interdependence' and it is part of the community being self-sustainable together.

It feels like many are going through a training in the social forums for what it would be like to live in a self-sustainable eco community together. Everyone has their own purse and yet, people share what they have in their purse if another as an essential requirement for it.

That is the strength of the people involved sharing together.

As we know we are interdependent on the planet and its resources, it is only when those resources are shared equally that the people receive what is essential to live in harmony with it.

If and when people speak of 'need' all of the time, then they stay at that level of consciousness. That is why I have continually asked people to heal it within themselves.

A child has a 'need' when it cannot feed or dress itself.

Adults have essentials when they come from the heart, and when people truly come from the heart of pure intention, their essentials are always provided for.

Does that make sense?

If I remember correctly, there was also a 'commonwealth' crop circle in 2011.

Vulnerability is a strength when people view it that way, it is when people allow themselves to be vulnerable that the divine can draw really close, because all of the barriers are down.

It is that vulnerability that is a sign of humility, and those that have the humility to heal themselves, have great courage to do so.

From vulnerability comes courage IMHV, and from courage comes dauntlessness. 

In the biblical prophecies for this timeline, it is written that the LORD would gather the 'lame and outcasts' and a new strong nation would come from them. 

Lotus Feet 

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