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Those that Shunned will be shunned

While I was writing the 'Holy Womb' post. The Son of God came in the presence of his love, the Lute of Lovingkindness. While he was here with me while I was writing. He mentioned those that have stood against us. He said "Those that have shunned, will be shunned and it will be a ton. Your rivals will give up, you've come this far and there is no going back." 

The word 'shunned' is not one that is heard of these days. So I was surprised to hear him use it. Of course, he was also 'shunned' so I can understand why that word would be important to him in this context. 

In the bible the people who are shunned are the poor, and it is because he defended the poor, weak souls, the sick, innocent and the children, that he was shunned by the rich and wealthy. The book of Ecclesiastes speaks of the never ending cycles and an appointed time. It speaks of how the sons of men occupy themselves and it includes throwing stones and the shunning of embracing, Ecc 3:1-10 

The appointed time was when the herald ran with the prophecy about Islam in 2009, you will notice that verse also mentions 'occupy' and people starting occupying in 2010. I have also been sharing with people the importance of 'embracing' for decades. 

In the proverbs it states "The poor are shunned even by their neighbors, but the rich have many friends' Proverbs 14:19-21 Isn't that the truth. When a person is financially successful people put you on their party guest list. "The poor are shunned by all their relatives - how much more do their friends avoid them! Though the poor pursue them with pleading, they are nowhere to be found. Proverbs 19:7 

Proverbs 19 speaks of the poor whose walk is  blameless and the 144,000 mentioned in Rev 14 are also blameless. It compares them with the 'fool whose lips are perverse' and that can be seen in their posts and heard on live chat. You would be amazed at what comes out of their mouths. 

In a different translation it states 'better a poor man that walks with his integrity. Than he who is perverse in speech and is a fool'. As the LORD said 'To HE that understands the promise, there is no secret'. So we know who the fool is then don't we? Its a man and the word 'secret' is part of his avatar name. He claimed that he was a Virgin and 'clerk of wisdom''. Now you know why the Queen of the South has more wisdom than Solomon. Men are so easily flattered by women, that they are even prepared to betray their own souls, and join in with the group shunning. 

That also links in with the parable of the Virgins, the wise Virgins -v- the foolish ones'. 'Desire without knowing (gnosis)  is not good - "He who hurries his footsteps errs'. 'A person's own folly leads to their ruin, yet their heart rages against the LORD.' 

It mentions the 'false witness will not go unpunished, and whoever pours out lies will not go free'. I have noticed that some of those that stood against me vigorously have all become very ill. They've been eaten up by their own rage that they held inside of them, and I knew it would happen. Hence, why I walked away from many places and then the LORD withdrew his light from them. 


The text mentions how 'many curry favor with a ruler' and this relates to leaders of the groups that they engage in. As I told them, I am not a people pleaser due to the sheer urgency of what has to be done in this timeline to help the people. 

Then it speaks of wisdom and says 'The one that gets wisdom loves life: the one that cherishes understanding will soon prosper". It looks like this prophecy is talking about three different people. 

1. Wisdom that is also featured in Rev 13. In the prophecies wisdom also has understanding and patience. Patience is related to sainthood and the initiation of 'patience of a saint.' That is integrated prior to mastership being accomplished. 
I have certainly demonstrated patience of a saint in the last five years, combined with sheer perseverance. 

2. The one that gets wisdom and loves life. 

3. The one that cherishes understanding. 

So there is a person that is attracted to wisdom, and there is another that is attracted to the understanding of wisdom and where she is coming from. 


You will see that it is a woman that holds the key. Funny how there are also keys on a key board.  
and a shift button, well prudence certainly knows how to push their buttons to get them to shift!
These piano fingers were created to work with the key. In the prophecies she is what is known as the 'skilled writer'. 

It mentions the inheritance that she received from her parents that began at the end of 2005, and also how the 'prudent wife' comes from the LORD. It speaks of the 'rage of the king' being like a Lion, and in Rev 13, and the book of Daniel, Obama is the Leopard that speaks like a Lion. His favor is like the dew on the grass. In other words the 'dew' comes at dawn. It speaks of the 'Lazy that go into a deep sleep and the shiftless go hungary'. Hence, the predicted famine in the USA that Joseph was sent to help them to avoid. The land of Joseph is England where prudence resides. 

'Whoever is kind lends to the LORD and he will reward them for what they have done'. 

It mentions the hope that comes from the discipline imparted. It tells the people to listen to advice, accept discipline and at the end you be counted amongst the wise. As we know in Matthew 24, the end comes when the one that is saved shares their testimony with the nations and Jesus told them that then the end would come. Proverb 19 is definitely a prophecy, and I do feel it links in with the timeline of Rev 19 as well. 

It tells them that they would be 'counted' and in Rev 13, wisdom does the count. "Many have plans in their heart. However, it is the LORD's plan that prevails. The unfailing love of the poor, better to be poor than a liar." 

'The LORD leads to life, then one rests content' that links into Isaiah 53, the servant of the LORD and the person that is contented with their completion of truth. 


It speaks of their 'mocking of justice.'  and they were still doing that today. Unfortunately, there is no escape from the spiritual law. Hence, why the Son of God mentioned the ton. You can view it as a heavy load that descends  upon them when the light of the LORD  removes his prudence from them. As Jesus taught his followers if they do not welcome you, then dust off your feet because judgement will come upon them. He is telling me that I have been set apart from others for divine purpose. 'Now they have to sort it out. They know in their hearts of conscience, that if they stood against supreme love when it arrived, if they stood against caring fully for the mother and child, then the darkness would fall upon them. and there is nothing that they will be able to do to save themselves'. They mocked justice that was delivered by the Harp of Faithfulness for the LORD and and his Son. 

I looked at the word shun and what it means modern day. 

I am pure from the blood of all men. For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God. Acts xx. 26,27.
Scarcity and want shall shun you. Shak.[1]
Interesting that mentions the words 'scarcity and want' because they simply were not prepared, or had the courage to look at their 'want's and how that it is related to their childhoods. They simply refused to see that there spiritual 'scarcity' was related to their 'wants' and lack of healing the self. If people are unprepared or unwilling to heal, then how can they become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven? 

We know from life experience that they can't. Hence, why they speak of 'ruthless struggle'. Jesus did not call their struggle 'ruthless', he called it a 'turmoil'. He made it clear that their minds are not at rest, because they have not found peace of mind. In my experience, peace of mind only comes when people make peace with the self and that comes from seeking within to heal. That is how the ascent of the tree of life comes to be. Prophet Isaiah understood it very well indeed, and so did Prophet Malachi, in fact all of the Jewish prophets did. 

As such, they are not ready to lay down heads at the pillar of the temple of the LORD and that goes back to 2007 when he sent me to help the Americans. 

In 2007, the LORD said 'You are the pillar where man can rest his head. Man is not yet ready to lay down his head'. As we know, they have to lay down their heads before they can pick up their hearts. 


Shunning is an 'act of social rejection' and of course the rejection was mentioned in the biblical prophecies. Shunning usually involves groups of people working together against a specific individual. 
People that leave a trade union, a religion and even whistleblowers and dissidents are shunned. In my own family it happened to the RAB,  when he left the trade union and took a management job for Times newspapers. The shunning was a contributory factor to the development of his cancer. 

The sheer effort that the men that he loved put into the shunning was beyond measure. They sent funeral cars to pick up his body, removal vans to pick up everything that was in the family home. 

They sent letters that filled a large bag of a postman every day. Some had man's and dogs toilet in it, it got to the point that no post could be delivered and everything had to be sorted out at the post office by the RAB personally. They even painted the house with red blood X's and the word 'scab'. The RAB bought a rotti to defend his wife. 

They sent letters wishing cancer upon him,  and I experienced that with American's as well. Not with any other nation. Research has also been carried out and the researchers discovered that 50% of Americans have experienced serious 'bullying' in the workplace. This has been a part of their culture. Yet, they still do not wish to take responsibility for what they do on a daily basis. 

Wiki write that 'the social rejection has been established to cause psychological damage and has been categorized as torture'. Their intention and motivation is 'to modify the behaviour of a member'. [2]

I can surely understand why Michael responded to them the way that he did, it definitely impacted on him and his life. Hence why when I arrived in supreme love, he knew that I was the one. He kept saying 'you are the one'. Michael was also shunned at a time when he required the greatest help. I asked the American's to help him, and they simple shunned my request for help. I did everything I could, but it was hard living 1,000's of miles away from him. Michael required practical help, that only a man could provide. They simply could not hear the song, just like it says in Rev 14. 

The source link also states that their methodology is to 'remove or limit the influence of a member'. Their approach is to 'isolate, discredit and or disempower' a person. The core issue can stem from their 'ideological beliefs' and 'ideals'. That certainly happened to Jesus Christ. They usually have a leader of the group mindset that carries them forward together. As such, they do not develop their uniqueness or individuality, because they are following the group ruler. These people are incapable of standing completely alone on the spiritual path as I have done during my life.  Hence, why you find them congregating in groups that give them a feeling of belonging. 

Shunning is usually agreed upon by the group involved in engaging in it, and there is also a term called 'stealth shunning' and that applies to banning or silence. As Jesus said 'Those that remain silent are compliant to the suffering in the world'. From Sacred Words 

The methodology of the 'shunners' is also related to 'disruption that causes chaos'. The research carried out by Heartmath also found that 85% of Americans live in 'emotional chaos'. Hence, why they disrupt different threads purposefully. The link below tells you that their intention is to 'cause pain', 'unjustly inflicted' and it can cause 'psychological damage, reducing self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence and trust in the divine', if individuals have not been trained how to deal with it. [2]

Hence why I was led to the spiritual community in the Galilee of the Gentiles, first to work with them decades in advance. It was only because I had been divinely trained by Jesus himself for what lay ahead of me. That I had already attained enlightenment, and been through the timeline of Rev 12, that I was able to suffer it peacefully and mercifully for nearly five years, 24/7. 

I was also fortunate, that I had a tremendous amount of life experience, including what goes on in business and the corporate world. And had spent decades healing myself well in advance. 

There are very few people that could withstand the onslaught of the 'shunning' that I experienced from those that live in 'Babylon' USA. Many have died due to it. 

Not just in one place but in five different places. However, my dignity, grace and mercy was upheld through it all, they could not take who I am away from me, nor who I was born of the Spirit to be. As the scripture advised me in advance 'Don't let anyone take your crown'. 

This kind of 'shunning' can also go on in families, like when children marry outside of their families religion, two of my female ancestors were both shunned by their families. So there will be a genetic link- up here. I also experienced it partially, when I left home and lived with my boyfriend. Parents simply could not accept him or that we lived differently to them. 


I am sure that if parents and people understood the 'psychological damage' that is done to children through shunning, I am sure that they wouldn't do it. Making a child sit in the corner of a room if they refuse to eat what is put in front of them, is also a form of 'shunning', because parents isolate the child. 

I remember discussing this aspect with grandparents of a child in question. I informed the grandmother at the time that the parents were co-creating 'low self-esteem' for the child, and that can impact on their whole life if not healed in adulthood. 

In the USA, they have even developed 'timers' for how long the child is to have what they call time-out'. While the child sits there in their state of 'shun' the mother carries on as normal. How it grieved me to see such a video of that happening and the little toddlers sad face. 

Then they wonder why the children tell their parents 'I don't like you' and why they develop 'eating disorders'. Wiki state that shunning can cause 'permanent scarring' and I can truly understand why the LORD chose for me to experience it. To understand what his Son experienced when he walked the earth, and also to share with those that would like to break the status quo. 

In fact, the Christian orthodox have been involved in such a method since the inception of the Church. That is how they defeated the true followers of Jesus Christ that they called 'heretics'. That is another reason why Jesus warned about the wolves, and as we know the Wulf, Jezebel in Rev 2 was also an American. One of her aides thought it was his job to police spirituality. Of course, he was trained in the USA as well. 

It is certainly, against human rights and the rights of the child. Let alone, the spiritual law of the LORD our God and his Son. It goes without saying that all of the Jewish prophets were 'shunned' and many souls were ex-communicated from the Church. However, being forced to leave the Church can be the best thing that has ever happened to a person because then they can learn to stand on their own two feet and walk the spiritual path. Also when I arrive on a forum it usually blossoms, and I don't have to tell you what happens when I leave it. 

However, what some people experience in cyberspace can be absolutely 'traumatic' and as we know it resulted in the healers in medieval Europe being murdered. At least 10 million healers died at that time and yes they were peasants, the poor, ordinary people that loved to heal others. Totally connected with the nature of the land as the LORD intended. Just like the desert Hebrews and American Indians. 


The wiki link on the 'shunners' then linked to the 'Psychology of Torture', it has been written that its easy to engage willing parties to get involved with it. 'Under the right circumstances, and in the 'appropriate circumstances', groups of people can literally be encouraged to stand against individuals in this way. The encouragement usually comes from their friends, peers or group leader. Hence, why the PM's fly before and during an onslaught. Clearly, this also happens in Islam as well. 

John Conroy wrote: "When torture takes place, people believe they are on the high moral ground, that the nation is under threat and they are the front line protecting the nation, and people will be grateful for what they are doing." And America is a country that views guns as a symbol of freedom and that is the complete opposite to Europe. 

A Christian Charles Graner Jnr said "The Christian in me says its wrong. but the corrections officer in me says 'I love to make a grown man piss himself'. [3] The duality of a man that is born of the flesh instead of being born again of the Spirit, In the scripture Jesus said that his opponents were coming from the flesh, in other words earthly realities. He said that if they have been born of the Spirit then they would not stand against him and if they truly loved him, then they wouldn't do it either. 

Seriously, is it any wonder that the USA is in the state that it is in? 

I am so happy, incorruptible, in integrity. I can walk the talk with my head high blamelessly.  Knowing full-well that I did everything I could to try to help them to break their never ending cycles before it was too late to do so. 

I do know that there has been at least one organization involved in training people in the 'Psychology of Torture' and its 'Shunning' methods', it has been going on for decades in the USA. In my experience, the internet, its forums and social networks are full of it. One man even claimed that he had been one of the original trainers for the organization, and he now trains people how to stand against those he trained after he left the organization in 1987. There is a cyber war going on for the minds and the hearts of the people, and its far more serious than the recent showdown between Israel and Saudi; due to the long term psychological impact of it on the children.

The fact that people are innocently walking straight into it 'unconscious' of the repercussions, certainly fulfills the prophecy. We offered them the greatest defence possible, at a time when the people will have no defence; and they still chose to 'shun' instead. They simply refuse to see, that the 'shunners' are keeping the status quo in place, and the LORD said 'The king is not allowing'. 

As the Son of God said 'Those that stand against Supreme Love will fall'. 

No surprise then Proverbs 19 mentions the 'False witness -v- Wisdom' and people have been purposefully impersonating 'Lotus Feet, registering in my name, even writing posts in my name for a few years and signing into live chat. 

Hence why in the proverb it mentions 'the Prudent wife that comes from the LORD' to re-emphasis the difference between Wisdom, the Prudent Wife and those that spoke 'falsely' about Lotus Feet and avatar name. 

The proverb mentions their 'folly that leads to ruin', exactly where Obama has led them. 

However, some of my 'rivals' as Jesus called them,  did apologize for what they had done and written. Their apologies were accepted graciously and they were indeed forgiven. The proverb/prophecy also tells them that I overlooked a lot, and that is why I was given the glory of being the one that was sent to Israel. The biblical prophecies informed them that a 'bruised reed he would not break'. 

As we told them many times, 'Love without integrity is like an ocean without fish' and the Son of God said 'Sometimes you can open a can of sardines and you find worms instead'. from Sacred Words 

This Spirit of Truth speaks it and writes it, and nothing shall remain hidden in this timeline. 

Yes, the prudent wife that comes from the LORD arrived in divine timing as predicted in Micah 4. 

In the text she is daughter ZION that was given her kingship. However, the word translated as kingship is from the Hebrew word Melek and its root can mean king or Queen. In Psalm 45 she is the Royal Bride that was given the golden gown to wear. She is also featured in Psalm 46 plus a lot more. 





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