Thursday, 12 January 2012


The British government would like cancer patients to work while they are receiving treatment for cancer, it would like to remove financial support form young disabled people that could never work anyway. The British government can't even provide jobs for young healthy people, let alone those that are not healthy. 

If you wish to keep those that are young and healthy, healthy, then best you get the employment situation sorted out. Also when the corporations and wealthy pay their taxes, then the rich can complain about the poor that require financial help. Until that time comes, there should be no health reform at all, until such time as the rich get their own house in order. That includes the bankers as well. While people like Cameron are sitting on their millions, the poor cannot even afford to eat regular healthy meals. Many can't afford to eat more than once a day, and they certainly cannot afford a healthy diet. 

Now the current Welfare Reform Minister Freud supports what the government is planning. So judgement is now made upon him. 

"Welfare Minister Lord Freud said it was unfair for a young person to continue to get a contributory benefit without having "paid in" - even if they were to inherit a lot of money." 

What if their parents and grandparents paid Freud? There is no welfare state if you do not support the sick. Simple as that. 

You should be sacked from your position as Welfare Reform Minister immediately, stripped of your title of Lord. You do not Lord it over anyone Freud, least of all the poor that the LORD God Almighty defends from the oppressors like you. 

The British government will not turn the UK into a third world country, as it is in the process of doing. European children are already being dumped on the streets in Greece, and it will be in every UK town and city a lot sooner than you think due to what you are doing to the poor. 

Freud you really have no comprehension of what the poor and sick in this country are having to suffer due to your state systems. Of course, no surprise that you come from a career in banking and finance. 
What do you know about health? Absolutely, nothing. Have you had cancer Freud? Have you lived with family that are dying with cancer? No of course not, because if you had you would have some compassion and mercy for others. 

The LORD God Almighty, will surely judge you Freud because we really have had enough of people like you telling the poor what they can and cannot do. You are a disgrace to humanity Freud, I shall not ask the LORD to be merciful to you, because Freud you have shown the people no mercy at all. Those that show the poor no mercy, shall receive no mercy from the LORD. 



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