Tuesday, 3 January 2012

6.8 Japan Jan 1

On the 1st of January 2012 there was a 6.8 magnitude in Japan at the IZU Islands. The 1st of January is the 'Day of Emotional Organization' and the largest island is called Oshima. Oshima also has an active volcano called Mt Mihara. In Japanese Tor-shima means 'Bird Island'.

In Judaism there is also the word 'shema' and Jewish people relate to a prayer. In this link it mentions Eloheikhem.

The word 'Shema' in Hebrew means 'HEAR', 'report a hearing'. It is Hebrew strongs number 8088. In some translations it is also 'Shama'. [3][4]

Shema was also the name of a man that stood on the right side of Ezra and Ezra means 'God helps'. The LORD spoke the word Ezra to me for the first time in March 2010.

The LORD said 'Now you are all going to catch a cold'.

68 is the Hebrew gematria value of the word 'Build'. 'Live', 'Son', Father', 'Wise', 'Come', 'Stone', 'Prophet', 'Mercy', 'Glory', 'Beloved', Elohiym'. [5]

The word Mihara is also interesting as the hara is to do with the divine shrine within.

Shema is also to do with the building of the new holy city for more details see our youtube channel.


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