Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Daily Telegraph and Salman Rushdie

On the 2nd of January, 2012 the LORD mentioned the Daily Telegraph and we featured it on the blog at the time. Well the Daily Telegraph is now in the news itself. The Daily Telegraph paid £150,000 for the disc containing information that was the basis for what is called the 'Expenses Scoop' and they are giving testimony at the Leveson Inquiry. [2] As we know, the papers have always paid sources for stories. The question is how far does it go? To expose public figures that are dipping their fingers into the public purse, or exposing your public health records? Where is the line drawn in privacy, where does it begin and end.

Justice is a thin line to walk and the Leveson Inquiry is not only about the press and its intervention in global affairs, its about the people as well and how that intervention is made. Whether that intervention is lawful or not.

If it is lawful for the press to do what they have always done, e.g. purchase information from a whistleblower, then it is also lawful for Julian Assange to continue to expose the US and other governments around the world. The difference is, that the people give the information to Julian freely to help humanity and the press pay for it and profit from it, because it sells newspapers.

Would the media survive without their scoops? Only if the people are satisfied with the kind of celebrity press that has been a feast of idols. There does appear to be a divide in the media, that which is taken seriously and that which is not.

Front page news today is that the snow sweeps across Europe, Salman Rushdie is facing threats of reprisals from Indian Muslims, and I had a dream about Salman last year. The Muslims wish to ban Salman's appearance at an Indian literary festival. In the dream 'I had that serious concerned look on my face' and I made it clear to him that it was important that I spoke to him. [6] Salman, please do not go to India. I see legal paperwork to imprison you.

Famous 60's photographer, lovely East Ender, David Bailey also says its over for the East End of London, [5].

At the same time, "Ahmadinejad and Chavez taunt US" over big atomic bomb. [4]The alliance that we have been warning the US about since 2009. [4]


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