Saturday, 31 March 2012

Rowan Williams Rebuked - Children's Covenant

The current Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams has decided that children should be taught the Lord's Prayer in schools.

1. Dr Rowan Williams has no divine authority to do so.

2. 2012 is the year that the 'worthless shepherds' that have 'no favor or union with the LORD' are being cut off.

3. Dr Rowan Williams should honor the everlasting covenant for the children that was given in prophecy to Prophet Isaiah. It was delivered to Israel and the rest of the world on the 7th of September, 2007. It signified the beginning of the end of 9,000 years of religious control and domination. 999 was also the time when the children received their divine plan.

Spiritual people in Israel and around the world celebrated the day of the divine child.

4. The LORD God said 'No school, schools out'.

ELIAKIM aka Lotus Feet


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