Saturday, 17 March 2012

Egyptian Copt Pope Dies

The Coptic Egyptian Pope, Pope Shenouda III has died at the age of 88. He was a great defender of the Copts that have been fleeing Egypt. He was not afraid to stand up and be counted. We have honored him on this blog in the past. May he rest in peace after four decades of leading the Copts. Prayers are certainly required for Egypt at this time.

As we know 88 is divine providence. In Hebrew gematria 88 = 'to cut'. 'to move', 'to flow', 'a gathering'. [2] In English gematria 88 is to do with 'Immanuel'. [3] The number eight is also a number of spiritual transformation and as we know it is also the symbol of infinity.

There was a 'His and Hers' Egypt gateway opening in March and also a pyramid shape was seen on the sun. A powerful sign that I feel relates to this passing.

In 2011 there were also a couple of crop circle that related to Egypt. [4] [5]

May God bless his soul.






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