Thursday, 29 March 2012

Gross Misconduct Removed London Met

In the early phase of the Rev 12 timeline that was completed in 2008. Jesus Christ imparted this message to me. He drew very close to me when he gave me the message; due to what I was experiencing with the Angels of Darkness. 

"Planet earth hungers for a solution to the pain.
Christ light , the vendetta’s will be removed.
Sensibility is the way forward.

Gross misconduct from many will be removed. Shalom will be revealed. 

People are reviewing where they have been and where they are going from here to eternity. Beam your light child forevermore."

The quote was published in Sacred Words in 2005 and on this blog.

Planet Earth Visions

Today, there has been another resignation from the Metropolitan Police Force in London, due to what is termed as  ‘Gross Misconduct’.

The communications chief at the Metropolitan Police, Dick Fedorcio, has resigned after proceedings for gross misconduct were started against him.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission launched an inquiry last year after it emerged he had given work to a PR firm run by ex-News of the World deputy editor Neil Wallis. Last week it ruled Mr Fedorcio should face a hearing for gross misconduct. But the IPCC said his resignation meant this could not now take place.

Report to follow

The IPCC said it planned to publish the findings of its report into the relationship between Mr Fedorcio and Mr Wallis "in the next few days".

It was revelations about a former senior News of the World journalist having such a role at Scotland Yard which prompted the force's then commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson to resign in July last year.



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