Thursday, 22 March 2012

Levi Jesus Camp Chihuahua Dog

In the 4th beast Mitt Romney post, I mentioned the painting by Botticelli and it is called the 'Trials of Moses'. 

Trial of Moses, Sistine Chapel, 1481-1482

"Now what is even more bizarre is that Botticelli made a painting called 'Trials of Moses' and she is carrying a chihuahua. In recent weeks a chihuahua also won the 'ugliest dog' competition in the USA." 

Clearly, Bottecelli was showing the people that the one that was promised to Moses is a woman, because the person in that painting is definitely not a man. As we know in Rev 12, the wondrous woman from heaven mentioned also has a child, just like the picture of the 'Trials of Moses'. When my Jordan was that age, I was a single parent mother, running my own business. The ten days = ten years of trials is also mentioned in the book of Revelation. The one that was victorious and overcome is also mentioned in Rev 2 and Rev 3. 

I have posted that first because the 4th beast Mitt Romney was posted first on other blog to include the picture above. [1] Then when I went to post the message, the video of Levi from the Jesus Camp documentary had been posted. More synchronicity. I never agreed with Jesus Camp, and what they did to the children, in fact, I stood against it as soon as I found out about it. 

What hit me immediately was the mention of the Chihuahua dogs that Levi has, because that also has a connection with Mitt Romney, his Father and the picture above. Notice what dogs he keeps, the chihuahua's. 

Little dogs that die easily when they are trodden on. The other aspect of these dogs is that they are attached to one owner and they bark at everyone that goes anywhere near their owner.

Having lived with one in my teenage years, they can be absolutely vicious. If I went anywhere near my mother the chihuahua would attack.

Not a dog to have around young children or babies.

Jesus taught detachment and people like Levi can never truly follow him home to the heavenly Father due to their attachment. As such, they are easily trampled upon and crushed by those that plan to create wars in their name.

Teshuvah everyone, teshuvah 


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