Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Flight 191 JetBlue


Time to Pray for Humanity

Yesterday, I opened an email and it was from some Christians in Nigeria that had tracked my ELIAKIM Joseph-Sophia email address down. They were asking for bibles, I have passed it onto others that may know someone that can help them. As I do not have the funds to pay for the 13 bibles that they have asked for. [1] It was posted 05.23 on the ELIAKIM blog. 

Not only did I make a post about praying, I included a photograph that was taken at an airport. [1]
The news today is that there has been a drama on JetBlue flight 191 from New York to Las Vegas and the flight had to be diverted to Amarillo, Texas after a pilot started running amok. One report claims that the pilot starting running up and done the aisle screaming, "Say your prayers! Say your prayers!' and tried to storm the cockpit after he had been locked out. [2]
The Guardian report that he started shouting about the Middle East, and 'They're going to take us down! They're taking us down! Say the Lord's prayer!'. [3] 
This is not the first time this type of incident has happened in the last two weeks. Earlier this month a flight attendant began yelling about 9/11 and that the plane was going to crash. That was an American Airlines flight. Apparently she is bio-polar and did not take her medication. [4]
The biblical prophecies predicted that people would start going mad in this timeline of the last days of the end times, that is why it is essential that we inspire people to heal the root causes of the core issues within themselves. 
So what is the significance of the number 191? The numbers actually form 9/11. 
In gematria 191 is the value of the following: 
Mad men, finale. 
Fair one, Herald Angel. Biblically the herald is the one mentioned in the Habakkuk prophecy about the last days of the end times and Islam. The herald ran with the prophecy at the appointed time in 2009. 
Nigerian, we received the email from the man in Nigeria asking for the 13 bibles, and 13 is the value of LOVE and the One in Hebrew. 
Mosheh and Moshiach, is to do with Joseph and the prophet that the LORD God promised to raise up for his people and we know that wasn't Jesus, because he did not have the skin disease like snow. He also did not have the name that was written in the scriptures related to the one that was promised to Moses. 
Flight God, God's Life and God of Peace. 
The book of Deuteronomy, chapter 28 states that the disobedient will be afflicted with 'madness, blindness and confusion of mind'. 28:28 Apostle James also spoke about those that lack wisdom are double-minded and unstable. James 1:5-9
Revelation chapter 17 that is about the USA, states 'This calls for a mind of wisdom'. Hence, why in Micah 4, daughter ZION was sent to the Babylon and returned. That happened in 2008. 

Do you get the feeling that the American people are being set up again, and these people on these flights are working for a government agency to make Americans afraid? The republicans definitely have a motive, Mitt the Mormon? The timing of these events and what the two people said smacks of another set-up. At the same time, there is a huge cover up by Obama and his administration and what has gone down in Afghanistan. 

Do not be afraid, otherwise you just feed those that wish to keep humanity in captivity of their status quo. 
This is the time to be dauntless in the face of adversity. 



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