Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Message for Bobbi Kristina

I promised Whitney Houston when she came to me in Spirit, that I would keep an eye out for Bobbi Kristina that she called 'This child of mine'. Bobbi is in the news over the possibility of Bobbi being secretly engaged to a long time family friend Nick Gordon. [1]

A bereavement can have a devastating impact on a person, and like a broken marriage it is easy to do things on the rebound in a rash moment.

Bobbi is still very young at the age of 19 and would like to have a career. As such, there is no way that she should marry until she has grounded her career. When I was her age, I vowed that I would not marry before the age of 25, because I was fully aware that marriage is a big commitment.

I predict that if Bobbi marries this man now, it would not last. Bobbi must give herself at least two years to recover from the bereavement. She must also give herself time to live life. Experience life, before she chooses to marry anyone.

It is good that Nick is there for Bobbi, they have a lot in common. If you feel drawn into a romance OK. However, romance does not mean that you have to marry, the person that you have a romance with. People can fall in love many times before they find the right one that they wish to spend the rest of their life with. So the first question to ask yourself is, could I spend the next 60 years with you and never go out with a different person?

Girls are often flattered by a marriage proposal. However, I did not allow that flattery to get in the way of my own plans, heart and soul. I had at least six marriage proposals before I accepted one of them. As we know, Bobbi is also very eligible due to the financial wealth that she is inheriting and there are men out there that are willing to marry you for money. I experienced it myself and it ended in tears, because the man simply could not live up to what he had projected himself to be.

Bobbi Kristina is still young, and I am sure that her family will also give her good advice at this time.

Love to you Bobbi, take good care of yourself and your family.

I shall keep you in my heart of love.



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