Saturday, 3 March 2012

Loyalty Islands 6.9.

The last post mentioned the fact that the 2nd of March was the 'Day of Undying Loyalty' and now we have a 6.9. magnitude earthquake South East of the Loyalty Islands on the same day. South is to do with the Prophets and East is the sacred direction of the teachers.

So what is the magnitude about?

In Jewish gematria, 69 is the value of 'clean', 'milk', 'lance', 'Ghandi', 'define', 'gamma' and 'pace' [2]

The lance is to do with the celestial lance that was given during the SOPHIA wisdom gateway opening in Athens, Greece in 2010. Clean milk is to do with the milk of the Christ teachings, and as we know Ghandi is to do with peace. Ghandi was also prophet Isaiah.

Biblewheel also state that it 69 is prophet, hand, come, trust, build, prophecy, confidence, understanding, hope.

In Greek gematria it is other/s, good, must, bring, marry. [3] Hence, the day of undying loyalty.


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