Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Comet SWAN

First we had Comet Lovejoy and now Comet Swan is plunging into our Sun. At they report that it will be the brightest Kreutz-group comet seen since the 1970's. So what is so important about that? The last days of the end times began in in 1975, when Arafat and his men decimated Southern Lebanon and the Christians that lived there.

King David was told that the Harp of Faithfulness would come at night time. In other words the last days of the end times.

The name Lovejoy related to a British TV comedy series about an antique dealer. This comet also relates to antique dealers in Oxfordshire, England.  Their SWAN website states that they have 40 rooms of fine antiques on display and over 80 traders.

40 is also associated with the prophet Moses and the years in the wilderness. Nostradamus wrote about the Iris that would not be seen for 40 years and could be seen everyday for 40 years. That is because he knew that she would be summoned and found in the Galilee of the Gentiles. 40+40 = 80.

The Swan is also to do with the Hamsa and when the LORD gave me the vision of the hand, he said 'This must be your avatar' and so it came to be. The swan is known for their grace and there are many of them in Regents Park where I grew up in my teenage years. My parents and I used to feed them on our walks in the park and today is my mother's birthday. My niece was named after her because she was born the next day. Lilia will be two tomorrow.

There is also a swan pub where I live.

Will the comet swan survive its plunge into the sun like lovejoy did? Time will tell.



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