Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ron Paul and Supporters

On the 5th of March 2012, there was a quake at EL Cerrito, Frisco as I call it, USA. There was a time when it was known as the gay capital of the world. Then Sydney came on stream and now Tel Aviv is doing its utmost to claim the title.

As we know Ron Paul was slaughtered in Maine. That should have been the sign. However, Ron Paul supporters refused to listen and hear the word of the LORD. In fact, they did not even choose to return to the LORD, and the one that he sent to help them after their initial defeats.

There has been an earthquake in EL Cerrito, Frisco USA in recent days and now its EL Paso, Texas. Its a 2.6. However, that is a big one, 26 is the gematria value of the name of God. The LORD God is giving Ron Paul and his followers a kick up the butt.

Ignore him at your own peril. 

He is telling me to tell you that elohiym is here. 

Now that video mentions the 'Chihuahuan Desert'. The other day, coming back from my walk, I bumped into a lady with three Chihuahias and they barked at me furiously. I replied 'Chihuaha's don't change do they'. She responded, 'I still love them'. 

Ron Paul supporters you are Chihuahua dog, the smallest breed of dog. Look into your Mexican heritage. Interesting that Sandro Botticelli painted a fresco depicting the 'Trials of Moses', it shows a girl  holding a tiny dog with a round head and small eyes. 

As we know even in the story of the wizard of oz, Dorothy has a small dog with her. In my life, the wizard of OZ does have meaning. That was the year that my Son and I were sent to Australia. Jordan was also born in the Chinese year of the Dog. 

Dogs like their home comforts and comfort zones, that is why Ron Paul stayed in his. Has did his supporters, they simply did not go that extra mile, nor did they reach out to the LORD and those that he has blessed. 

Ron Paul supporters, shall you be carried all of the way? 



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