Saturday, 3 March 2012

3rd March Tornado's USA

In 2004, weeks before the Asian Tsunami the LORD bellowed 'Humanity needs YOU now'. In 2009, we made posts about 'Creation calling you'. In 2010, we informed the people about the 'ECO funeral' that was coming. The LORD also spoke about the 'Tsunami of Pain' that was coming, the 'Earth and the Tectonic' plates shifting. Following that there was the Tsunami in Japan.

How people can live in a country that is prone to so many tornado’s every year, begs the question USA.

Why do they live the way that they do? Why do people not live in homes and places that are tornado proof?  We have been telling people for years that the LORD said ‘You must be living ecologically and self-sustainably by 2012”. Well 2012 certainly arrived with a bang.

Robert from ‘Angels Nest’ and ‘Worlds Nest’ also told the people that Americans are living in homes that he called ‘Katrina candy’.

When will the people listen and do the will of the LORD?

As Jesus said ‘What you think you have will be taken from you’. 

The 2nd of March was the 'Day of Undying Loyalty', and the 3rd of March is the 'Day of Design'. It is also the Egyptian gateway opening of 'His and Hers'.

The storms are still happening on the 3rd of March, and the traditional season hasn’t even started yet. Problem is that many Americans have been more interested in the politics of ‘MONEY’, and their ‘Constitution’, and they put that above and before doing the will of the LORD. We have shared so many solutions, yet the people do not act upon them.

Now the USA pays the price yet again, for not listening, and not sharing the word of God that we have been delivering for years to help them. How can I have sympathy and empathy for a nation, that is so obstinate? 



  1. 35 have now died in the mid west and south.

    Towns have been completely demolished.

    "The gates of hell opened up," said an emergency services call dispatcher. And an Indiana state trooper shook his head in disbelief as he surveyed the carnage. "It's like they dropped a huge nuclear bomb and everything's gone," he said.

    The word CARNAGE pinged out at me, as we made a recent post on our other blog that mentions the carnage that the American corporations create wherever they go. That post was specifically to do with the indigenous peoples.

    I did warn the USA, heavy karma was coming there way.

  2. So far 95 tornado's have been recorded.