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Fr John Hollowell Rebuked

The Catholic Church teach sacrifice and Jesus taught mercy. In this video from John Hollowell he is telling people to teach their children to tithe. Oh no, John!

As the bible says in both the OT and the NT, the LORD asked for mercy not sacrifice. When I was a child my parents taught me to save money, to always have something for a rainy day. When I started work at the age of 15, I earned just nine pounds. One third of my wages went to my mother for housekeeping, one third of my wages I had to give her for a savings account, the last third I was allowed to spend on getting to work, lunch, clothes and spare time activities.

Growing up my family were poor, we only received pocket money for doing chores around the house when my parents could afford it. If you give money to a child for work, then it begins to give them a work ethic and discipline towards it. At this point the standard of their work and effort is rewarded. Children like to impress their parents, as such, if that impression is honored, they then go onto career potentiality due to impressing their bosses. In psychology, dads impact on careers and mums impact on relationships.

Now John Hollowell is telling his congregation to give money to children and then take a tithe back from them. Goodness gracious me, that's like teaching the children that earthly governments have the right to take their money from them. That's nothing more than conditioning children for the federal reserve.

Yes, LORD God asked for mercy not sacrifice for a good reason. If a child is taught mercy then they are naturally charitable. You only have to watch how children share their sweets, to see that sharing is part of their natural and purest essence. Some also are willing to do that with their toys. Its also lovely when they pick flowers to give them to their mums because they love and appreciate them.

As a mother; it is that natural giving and sharing that should be applauded, and shown that it is truly valued and good of them. Good virtue is to be commended.

On the 4th of March, 2011 we provided a full post and explanation of tithing, so I will not repeat again what is already written. I explained in that post how tithing the Church is actually against the commandments of God. I also told them that they have until June. Well June this year aligns with the end of the 42 months for Obama who has been leading the Church leaders to do his will. As we know, Obama is the Leo the Leopard mentioned in the book of Daniel and Rev 13. In Proverbs 30, he is described as a 'slave that became a king' and a 'leech.'  It also states that his family never say 'enough' and the 17 vacations of Michelle Obama is certainly a sign of that.

As we know a leech is a bloodsucker and blood is symbolic of life. The Church and its men have lived off of the backs of the rich and the poor for 2,000 years. That is how they manage to maintain such huge religious buildings that Jesus stood against. In fact, he was against public prayer and fasting as well. He told his followers to pray alone in secret, behind a closed door. As far as fasting is concerned he told them not to do what you hate, the same with giving alms. It is clear in the Christ teachings love and mercy were the most important of all; because he knew everything else can spring from that love and compassionate action. 'Love heals the world and compassionate action changes it' from Sacred Words.

If the Church choose to live by the Torah then why do they not tell the farmers and corporations that they must not farm their fields every seventh year? Every seventh year the land must be allowed to rest. A year off for the people from work would be good as well. Allowing people to have a year for their spiritual growth without having to be concerned about earthly realities.

In the law of the bible, the tithe is given to the Levites so by giving money to the Church, you are giving money to the Levitical priesthood. However, the Israeli's told me that the Levites were the creatives; and I don't see much art being done by Church leaders. Michelangelo would be a perfect example of that.


Giving money for the arts certainly does please the LORD, because he created people to create; and as we know many artists have lived in poverty for the sake of sharing their art of beauty with the people. Beauty and Art is essential for children because it helps them to explore and express themselves and their own creativity. As we know art can come in many forms, from writing, to poetry, to painting, to entertainment, drama and music. Hence, why the community centre for the West Indian population in Kings Cross, was crucial for social justice and harmony. It gave value to the people that were poor, and in turn, it gave added value back to the community in which the artists lived.

So what is greater? Teaching children how to express themselves creatively, or how to give money to a Church that has kept humanity in the never ending cycles of the status quo for 2,000 years?

So what is greater? Children that paint pictures of angels,  plants and nature or taking children to Church to sit in a pew dressed up to the nines? Jesus valued children and nature above anything that the priests of Judaism had to offer. He did not wish for the children to be indoctrinated into the ways of men, that were alien to the true law of the prophets. The bible tells the fathers to put their daughters on their shoulders in this timeline, that means put the feminine above your own heads.


I rebuke John Hollowell for asking the poor to give him a tithe to spend how the Church chooses to spend it. A Church that has its own Vatican bank and Swiss bank accounts. A Church that was involved in money laundering during WW2. I look forward to the day when Assange exposes the Vatican bank. Was Jesus a banker? No. He stood against the bankers and money changers that the Church became.

Jesus taught the poor to help their own families when they required help, to be charitable to them. He told the rich and wealthy that they could not follow him unless they were willing to give everything up, all of their wealth and financial assets. As such he did not ask for a tithe of 10%, he asked for everything. This confirms yet again, that the one known as Jesus was not the Messenger of the Covenant described by Prophet Malachi.

I will be following the sermons of John Hollowell and I will rebuke him on everything that is not aligned with the true Christ teachings. As one Christian said, it is better to be rebuked, than for love to remain hidden. In the Dead Sea Scrolls it is not called rebuke, the mystics documented that she would correct them.

Jesus spent a lot of his time rebuking and correcting his followers, and he told them off; if and when they were intoxicated with his love. He knew that if people were drunk on his love, then it would limit their growth and spiritual development.

One 18 year old said 'You used to be so loving', after I rebuked her about living in integrity. I told her that now she is an adult, she shall be treated as an adult in equality with other adults. So she turned to other spiritual teachers because she simple was not ready to be refined at that point in time. She chose to learn the hard way, instead of the easy way that is fast track when people allow it to be so. The highway to holiness really does exist, and only those that walked it to the end of its completion can help others to do so. Be noble in holiness, ERGON, a cause greater than the self because children learn what they live. They copy their parents, just like children write down what their teachers shared with them.

Serious spirituality is really no different, Jesus Christ grooms people to be like him, and it is a very serious relationship that is sacred. It is not for the feint hearted,  for he is a hard taskmaster and his standard is very high indeed.

Jesus Christ as the groom of the horse is a wonderful analogy, making the horse clean and beautiful so that it is ready for its rider. No coincidence that as a child I was a groom at our local stables. From eight years of age, I worked all weekend, from dawn to dusk, grooming and mucking out at the local stables,  I received a one hour ride in return. How many children would be willing to do that today? How many would be willing to do that much work for that which they love?

In hindsight, it was due to my willingness to groom others for the LORD and his Son,  that the thanksgiving was indeed given. Although I was not aware at the time; that it is where the Lute of Lovingkindness was leading me. To become the Harp of Faithfulness that was predicted to come.

This is not the first time that I have had to rebuke John on his sermons.

Nor is it the first time that the Catholic Church has been judged by the Queen of the South.

Teshuvah, John, teshuvah


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