Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Osborne Punishes the OAP's and the Poor Budget

Well Mr Osborne justified his choice to reduce the taxes of the rich due to the rate being higher than other European countries. At the same time as adding a 37p onto 20 cigarettes. That will take some brands up to £7 a packet. That is treble the price of a pack in other European countries, as such, once again, it is one rule for the rich and a different one for the poor.

The added tax revenue is a huge percentage and one can only call it 'punishing' the poor. Of course, George Osborne does not live amongst the poor, so he is unaware that for some that is the only enjoyment that they have. Especially the elderly, that have smoked for most of their lives. Those that cannot afford to go out, or have any other enjoyment. This tax increase will hit the elderly very hard indeed.

So who is he really taxing again? The old age pensioners, and the poor, you know the conservatives don't live on the same planet with the rest of the people. The only people they know and listen to are the rich businessmen that got their tax cut. Well Mr Osborne how about you start cutting taxes to the poor?

There is no reason at all why a pack of cigarettes should cost anymore than it does in any other European country. This tax on consumption is nothing more than another stealth tax that this government has no moral right to impose. It is immoral to tax the elderly and the poor in such a way and there is absolutely, no justification for it.

As the LORD God said 'NO TAXES'.

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