Sunday, 4 March 2012

Irish Saint's Heart Stolen

The Christ Church did some strange things during its history. This is a case of the heart of a canonized Saint that was kept as a relic. The heart of Laurence O'Toole was kept in a heart shaped box, hanging on a chain within a metal type cage.

The relic was held at Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin and was stolen on shabat at 12.30 GMT. As we know 12 relates to the Apostles and also Rev 12 and the wondrous woman from heaven. Its also a 12th century relic.

Nothing else was stolen just the heart of an Irishman. There had been 40 visitors at the Church that morning and as we know 40 is to do with Moses and the Prophet. This is not the first relic to have been stolen in recent months. Other relics have been stolen in the Irish Republic.

He was well-known as an ascetic, wore a hair shirt, never ate meat, and fasted every Friday on bread and water. When the saint became ill he was asked to make a will, and he replied.

"God knows, I have not a penny under the sun to leave anyone." His last thoughts were of his people in Dublin: "Alas, you poor, foolish people, what will you do now? Who will take care of you in your trouble? Who will help you?"

I must admit he does look like Andrew Breitbart. A Jewish activist, author and publisher that is believed to have been murdered on the 1st of March 2012. Andrew had been adopted, on his birth certificate his biological father had been a folk singer and he was Irish by birth. 

A song for Andrew the Saint. 

The more activists that they murder, the more folk songs there will be. They can't kill us all.




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