Monday, 5 March 2012

14 Shot AZ, USA

Just seen this TEMPE, AZ, USA.

I am being given the name AMANDA as I type this.

14 is to do with Rev 14, and New Jerusalem, only the 144,000 can hear the new song.

2nd of March was the 'Day of Undying Loyalty'.

Fortunately, nobody was killed. 

Isaiah 14 mentions Babylon, and daughter ZION was sent to Babylon in Micah 4. She did not stay there, the LORD rescued her from the Americans. Mystery Babylon is also mentioned in Rev 17 and Rev 18, it is the only nation that meets the criteria of the prophecies. 

Isaiah tells the people that they will stand against the king of Babylon and that is OBAMA. 
How the oppressor has come to an end, how his fury has ended! The LORD has broken the rod of the wicked, the scepter of the rulers. The king of babylon has destroyed the land and killed his people. 

Isaiah 14, then speaks of a prophecy against the Philistines that Obama supported. It tells them that a cloud of smoke comes from the north, and there is not a straggler in its ranks. 
The LORD has established ZION, and in her his afflicted people will find refuge. 

One of the translations of ELIAKIM, is 'God will establish', so when the text says the LORD has established ZION, he is talking about daughter ZION that is mentioned in Micah 4. So are you ready to build New Jerusalem? The new holy city of enlightenment? 

No stragglers in the ranks applies to Joel 2 about the spiritual. 


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