Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fabrice Muamba Critical Condition

On the 17th of March I wrote: 

"As the book of Revelation states 'This calls for wisdom' and wisdom was certainly called to do the count. No surprise then that the Liberal Dem media are reportedly 'freaking out' over the Breitbart Media vetting of Obama and his associates. Obama is another one that repackaged Islam and promoted it around the world. People cannot ignore 1,400 years of Islamic repression and oppression, and it doesn't matter how many pretty faces, celebrities or pop stars, cricketeers, boxers, footballers, etc are involved. The truth will come into the light of day, and the LORD God will have the last word." 

In the past the LORD did mention 'BOLTON', UK  and we featured a post on it on our other blog due to what has been going on there. Also the other day the LORD said 'Stars Show' and it looks like he is going after the stars that the children look up to. 

Today, a Bolton Wanders footballer as been struck down on the field whilst playing against Tottenham Hotspur. 
The 23 year old is being cared for in intensive care of the heart attack centre. [1]

Its important to remember that this footballer is in peak physical fitness, he has to be to be in the position that he is. This is a clear sign to Muslims, that Islam will not save you. We also shared with you yesterday that the top 50 nations with heart disease are mostly Islamic. 

As Jesus Christ said about this timeline 'The truth will set them free', blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God'. 




  1. By the way. He's a committed Christian.

    I suggest you take this post down. It is demeaning and irresponsible. And as a committed Christian myself I am horrified at the lack of love you display.

    I suggest you read your bible - especially passages about becoming like Jesus.

  2. Fabrice Muamba is actually a committed christian with two young children named Joshua & Jeremiah! You should trying spending a little less time making vague accusations and wishing people dead and try doing just 2 minutes of research!! I hope not all your blog post are this damaging to the reputation of Christians...

  3. It makes no difference whether you are Jewish, Christian or a Muslim, as the LORD God said 'Your designer clothes will not save you'.

    You see the book of Matthew tells you that there is only one person that is saved in this timeline and they must give their testimony to the nations, and then the end will come.

    Teshuvah Christians

  4. Good news that Fabrice has begun speaking and making a recovery. As we know many have been praying for him. Age is definitely on his side, he is young and strong.

    Blessings in abundance

  5. Eliakim, I see you have edited this piece and removed the reference that he is an Islamic footballer!

    My fear is that any person accidentally coming across your blog will leave thinking that God is a vindictive and angry God. God is loving, caring full of so much grace that He sent His only Son to die in place of our sins.

  6. Welcome Sien I just popped into put up the news about the excellent tribute that the fans from both sides gave to the boy. Well done everyone. Great unity, great show and I feel sure that has really uplifted his Spirits.

    Sien as time goes by you will come to understand the Son of God is very different to the heavenly Father and that there is always a higher perspective.

    Fabrice will come out of this stronger for it, and of course it will change his life, my view is that it will take him onto a path that the LORD God would like him to take.

    I am sorry, I do not agree with you that the Son of God died in place of anyone's sins, that is why people still do so.

    Have no fear, the Son of God shared with his true followers to never be afraid and to become dauntless in the face of adversity.

    The heavenly Father is never 'vindictive' in my experience. However, he does not suffer fools gladly either. He is like the very best Father you can ever imagine and he will defend his children if he is forced to do so. At times the people will not like what he is forced to do, because they are attached to one reality. However, know this he has the whole world in his hands.

    His Daughter ZION is here now and this is the land of Joseph.

    I wish all success and happy futures.

    Blessings in abundance