Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Church Hanging on a Tree

Why is the Church as it is known today hanging on its own tree? The Church is JUDAS that sold him for a price. Hence, why the Gospel of Judas suddenly turned up to try to turn it around. It was the church fathers that came up with the idea of 'economy', the word came from the religionists.

When the Church sold him for a price, they sold themselves down the river into the ocean of emotion. Hence why church goers either sink or swim like Obama. 

If the Son had given them a boat to climb aboard, they would have never have built a Church. Hence, why the bible tells them that their covenant with death is annulled. Harold Camping is the fruit of their tree, a 14 year old committed suicide, a mother tried to kill her two children and a class action law suit is now being brought against Harold Camping and his family radio. 

Justice will be done for their crimes against humanity, and all of the Americans that did not do their utmost to stop Camping and others like him, are also responsible. 

As the Son said 'Those that remain silent are compliant to the suffering in the world'. 


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