Friday, 6 May 2011

My Kingdom is NOT of this WORLD

The question about Christ mentioning that his Kingdom was not of this world comes up again and again on forums. 

When Christ said 'My Kingdom is not of this world'. He was telling the people that they lived in an earthly reality and his reality was heavenly. 

There are many heavens to experience on the rite of passage home to God. Some call it the rite of passage, some call it the ascent of the Tree of Life. However, the different heavens are to do with the ascension of the being on the way home to God. 

Hence, why Christ told the people to seek within. 'The Kingdom of God is within YOU'. This saying is known to exist pre-Christ because all the mystics know it to be true. Those that were branded gnostics were actually the mystics that found a kindred soul in Christ. Scholars have done their utmost to confine those they have labelled  'gnostics'. As far as I am aware, the term 'gnostics' did not exist in biblical times. It is a term and label developed by the scholars in recent centuries. It is because the scholars and academic mindsets try to confine the 'knowers' of God into a specific belief system that they can label and that is how religions are co-created IMHV. 

They did the same to the different spiritual philosophies of India. The academic mindset had to be able typecast them and give them a label of 'Hindu'. Instead of appreciating the vast amount of legends and mythology that as impacted upon their spiritual experiences and human consciousness. Have I experienced the so-called 'god's' from other realities like India? Yes. However, I have found them to be most humble in my presence. 

It is important to remember that mystics are ever evolving, until they come to completion of truth. Then they are created again in a totally different reality to the one that they once knew. 

Creation evolves and evolution creates. It is not a one way street.

The Church branded the mystics as heretics, because the reality of the mystics was far beyond the dogma of the church, and what they mystics were experiencing challenged the comprehension of the Church and its leaders. 

An atheist scholar of the works of Marcion and the gnostics, once shared with me, that the reason that the Church would not accept the mystics was because they were receiving revelation everyday. 

A reality that the members of the earthly reality of the Church were not blessed to experience, due to their attachment to their belief systems that are like an anchor that keeps the boat attached to one land. As such they could not discover new oceans because they did not board the ship. 

Do I live in the same world that some of my friends do? No, I do not. I have a vast number of friends that live in totally different realities to each other. 

All are loved for who they are. 

However, just like Christ I can walk between the worlds and that is known as the 'Dynamic Sphere'. 


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