Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Dancing for KOKESH

While resting I had a dream and I was in Australia, I had been there about a year. 
It was a long story and driver was with me taking me to a different place to stay. 
However, he was interested in me and I was not interested in him as far as
intimacy was concerned. Then a mass of dolphins arrived to see me 
and I was blessed when the young dolphins jumped out of sea to be with me. 

So I touched and blessed the baby dolphins. One had a small head, the 
other was a very strange shape. It had a head like an angel fish and a tail 
that was pig shaped. I was enjoying the dream and then there was a bang 
on the door and the dream ended. In hindsight, the oceans are having a 
detrimental impact on the sea creatures and it is creating deformity. 
The dolphins were pleased that I came so that they could communicate 
with me and tell me what's happening. 

Then I had another dream and I cannot remember it. All that I can 
remember as I came out of sleep state is a place name called 
CONNAUGHT and these words:

" If I hadn't been to America, I would never have believed it'. 
Now their dancing in the streets for Kokesh. 
When will they get it?. 
Kokesh did not do the will of God'. 

There is a place in New York called 
Connaught Tower Condominiums.

Check out the name Connaught, the name originated 
in Ireland and it is to do with an Irish dynasty. 

Remember what Christ said "The USA is the house 
that Jack Built'. 


  1. is it because, by yelling "we can take the government down" he almost necessitated police intervention in what would was supposed to be a peaceful protest?

  2. Smacked of a publicity stunt elhilan. Welcome to the blog.