Wednesday, 18 May 2011



How could you ever hunt an antelope? Antelope is God's creation just like the children. The biblical prophecies stated that you will eat meat (with hooves) until you loathe it. If you wish to help the children, the first place is healing the 'inner child' (within you) because the inner co-creates the outer.

As Abba said 
'It is not a one way street'. 
As the Son of God taught, you have to be like a child before you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. As he said 'The Kingdom of God is within YOU'.

The parents of the president of Compassion International sent their son to boarding school. What kind of parents were they to send their child away at a tender age?

What mother and father could be separated from their little one who was dependent on them to be his guardian as ordained?

What mother and father would put education above being and sustaining their child?
"Children are the supreme joy of human life" from Sacred Words.

What parents did this to the child?

Who were the parents that sent their child away for nine months of the year?

Who were the parents that submitted the child to their own desire?

Who were the parents that submitted the child to the care of others?

Who were the parents that submitted the child to suppression and oppression of others?

Those that call themselves Christians and missionaries. 


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