Tuesday, 3 May 2011

PSALM 81 Commentary

Psalm 81 and how the work of God to go against Egypt this year, was to establish it as a testimony in JOSEPH. It also mentions the thunderstorm that would follow in the USA, and as we know the seven deer were struck down on Easter Sunday.

The prophecy in Psalm 81, also aligns with the prophecy in Micah 4 regarding the daughter of Zion that is given her (heavenly) kingship, it speaks of how God rescued her from her enemies. It also mentions the basket and how she is released from it. That also aligns with the prophecy regarding the woman in the basket predicted by Zechariah.

"When God went out against Egypt, he established it as a testimony in JOSEPH. I removed the burden from their shoulders, their hands were set free from the basket. In your distress you called and I rescued you. I answered you out of a thundercloud". 'I proved you at the waters of Meribah.'. Meribah means 'strife or contention'.  In other words, he proved me at the waters of contention.

In other words, it was God's way of proving to the people who I am. The Egyptian people were rescued just like JOSEPH was able to rescue them last time with the power of God.

Psalm 81, also warns the people about their foreign Gods and he says that this is a statute for Israel. Israel means 'Struggle with God' so it is speaking to everyone in the earthly realm. An ordinance of the God of Jacob. In this text the word used for God is Elohim, and as we know the ELOHIM as many different translations and it speaks of the plural capabilities not the singular. When I read about the seven deer being struck down, I felt the power of Melchizedek strongly and he is the inter-galatic operations director of the cosmos.  He is awesome. This also aligns with the ancient of days in the book of Daniel, when it states that he would take action for the sake of the saints.

In the Zechariah prophecy she is set upon her own pedestal between two rivers, and the town in which I live had two rivers in Roman times. As a friend posted in the comments section of this blog, the two rivers can also be viewed in terms of the USA and the events that have taken place there in recent days.

"The Two Rivers could also be the Ohio River and Mississippi Rivers, with references to Cairo AND Memphis. Hence, it could be seen as a U.S.A. Connection."

As soon as I was pressured by God to remove my light from the USA the thundercloud followed shortly afterwards. Frankly, the heavenly forces of all love, light and goodness have had enough of those that do not choose to do the will of God, that is here to help them. However, the upshot is that more biblical prophecies were fulfilled. 

This is also a reminder to the people to tread lightly upon the earth because the planet is the foot stall of the LORD God Almighty.

The biblical prophecies predicted that the USA, the Land of Esau could only be helped by the seed from the hand of Joseph.


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