Monday, 23 May 2011


Obama affirms US-Irish ties in Dublin on European tour. It was the USA that funded Irish terrorism against the UK. However, get this, his so-called Irish ancestors on his mother's side came from MONEYGALL. He certainly as got a gall bearing in mind the trillions of debt that the USA are in. While he is galavanting around the world given speeches and telling nation's leaders what to do, China is calling him out and backing Pakistan. China are ready and willing to go to war with the USA, and have given Obama an ultimatum to leave Pakistan alone.

At the same time the Obama supporters are celebrating his war mongering. We warned them about Pakistan the November before he gave the order for the first hit. Anyone that believes the Bin Laden story requires their brains tested.

Oh the web they all weave, China is standing with Islam, Pakistan as promised to defend Saudi. At the same time China's only real interest is continuity of consumerizing the Islamic nations. As we know the Islamic elite sell to the highest bidder and China have a big army.

It is clearly, not a compassionate action from China, it is simply an economic and strategic move to strengthen the markets for its products and contracts in the region. The Chinese are fully aware that Westerners are awake and do not wish to purchase their cheap products anymore.

Thank God that Egypt and Jordan are standing with Israel at this point. They all have to make sure that they are on the right side of God and his will, because there is major shifts coming in the Middle East and it will surprise the world.


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