Saturday, 28 May 2011


This lady as written on her youtube channel 'RubysTabletalk' that she received a message from YHWH. She claims that he told her "I will strike in a place that you are not expecting". 

The Dead Sea Scrolls are very clear that his 'Last Priest' will strike Ephraim and Ephraim is symbolic of Christianity. The bible also gave the prophecy that their covenant with death is annulled.

In her video it also mentions that there are 3,000 sink holes at the Dead Sea in Israel. The prophecies also predict the flooding of Judah and the destruction of Damascus. Damascus is the cross roads of religion. Its obvious that if the crossroads are destroyed, then the people cannot cross the cross roads. That means no more Kris Cross and no more worship on their knees.

That means no more idols of Jesus Christ. However, when the Churches are empty of people, he does have use for the buildings. He asked for the Churches to be given to the artists so that they can honor the creativity of the CREATOR.  For the mosques to be handed over to the healers so that they can become healing domes for children. For the synagogues to be given to teachers of music and drama, for the temples to be warehouses where the poor can collect everything that they require. Food, clothes, furniture etc.


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