Friday, 27 May 2011


Now you will often hear people sing El Shaddai as being one of the names of God and we shared this on a past post on other blog from Jeff Benner who wrote the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon.


"The Hebrew word for "God Almighty" in Genesis chapter 17 is actually "El Shaddai". When translated literally El Shaddai doesn't mean "God almighty", but rather "mighty teets". While this may sound odd, or even offensive to western readers, it actually has a beautiful meaning within the culture of the ancient Hebrews. The teets were used to supply milk to the children, which was crucial for life. Just as how milk is given from a mother to her children in order to feed them, so too God nourishes his children in a very loving manner, similar to that of a mother caring and nurturing her children.". [6]

Now does the heavenly Father have teets that provide milk? No. El Shaddai is feminine. The heavenly Father brings home the meat to feed the family when the children are ready to eat solids. If the mother hasn't managed to wean the children off the breast and fluids. Then they don't get to receive the meat and bread of manna.

Divine love is the food that feeds the soul. The divine feminine nurtures you to become divine love in manifestation on the earth plane. Then you are ready for the meat provided by the Father. That is the benefit of my divine experience. However, the Son of God can overwhelm you with his divine love for you all, when you allow him to love you divinely, like the best brother in the world. 

If you can integrate detachment, and follow where he leads you, he will lead you to the heavenly Father, once you have collected all the pieces of your jigsaw puzzle, healed and become whole. When you have come to completion of truth within, then you are truly ready to be one with the heavenly Father and do his will handsomely.


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