Saturday, 28 May 2011


Simon sets up Cheryl, and the result is the woman of no nonsense is returning home to the UK. Why is that? Americans love nonsense and as such they pay the consequences for their thoughts, words and deeds.

America is a tough nut to crack and even Robbie Williams didn't crack it. However, the BEATLES did crack America right open for all the world to see back in the 60's with their no nonsense way of truth. Just like Cheryl they were Northerner's and Americans didn't appear to have an issue with their wonderful accents. Nor did they have an issue with the Northern accent of Susan Boyle.

No, this wasn't about Cheryl's lovely Geordie accent. The setting up of Cheryl Cole by Simon, reminds me of the PC brigade of Obama and Cameron, and their Arab Spring. Simon doing his utmost to please the American audience, at the cost of a REAL person with a real TALENT to spot the very best that natural talent as to offer.

Being an outspoken, empowered, no-nonsense woman, she stood up to Simon time and time again. She even beat him at his own game of X Factor numerous times. That hits the pride of man that as not removed his garments of pride and trampled them under his feet. America is known to be a nation full of pride and pride always comes before a fall. Simon and America is well suited, we know the carrot that they chase don't we? Ah, the beast of burden of America and his carrot. To think that Americans fell for Obama's carrot of peace that moved further away from them with every step he took. They were taken for fools over 9/11, they did again by electing Obama and then they danced in the streets about Bin Laden and he has been dead for years. Well the biblical prophecies did say that the LORD would bring down the men of EDOM that think they are wise.

The next solar eclipse on the 1st of June is the 'Looking down the nose partial solar eclipse'. After that we have the next Luxor gateway opening on the 4th. Following by TOTAL lunar eclipse on the 15th and further partial eclipse on the 1st July. Its bound to be an awesome June with all that new energy flowing.

Welcome home Cheryl Cole, you have a lot of support in the UK, you are England's gain and America's loss. We like the way that you speak, we like the way that you stood up to Simon, we like the way that you have compassion for the young ones. In the main the people would like you to return to the X Factor in the UK. In fact, the ITV bosses would do right by you, if they handed over the whole show to you as Executive Producer. Give you the right to choose the judges that you choose to work with. Now that Danni isn't around, you are the only one with the all round experience to take the show forward and make it your own.

Go girl go, the people of true heart and compassion are with you.

Our Girls from the North.


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