Thursday, 26 May 2011


The West as pushed Ethiopia into investing their aid to build towers of Babel to broaden the consumerization of Africa for the Western product. In the meantime millions of people are still starving and dying.  The charities that ask you to give your money to sponsor a child should also be ashamed of themselves. In this film documentary from Journeyman Pictures. The Western man goes to find out what happened to the child that he thought he was sponsoring. What he had been told by the charity was a completely different story to the reality that he found when he met the child. He had been told that the child had been learning English and when he got there the child could not speak English and she and her family were starving.  When he questioned the charity they told him that most of his money went to educating the community.  You may well ask where did the money go? 

Where does the money from the world bank and UN go? 

Now watch the video and see the building infrastructures that Ethiopia as been forced to build. Also you will see the starving people in the capital. 

The West, the World Bank, the UN, the Charities should be ashamed of themselves for wasting the money of the people, on buildings to quench their own thirst for increasing world markets to push their product to increase the profits of the corporations to give to shareholders in the atrocity. 

The stock markets and its investors should be ashamed of themselves for gambling on food. In so doing keeping food prices high and beyond what the third world countries can afford. 

All 3rd world debt should be wiped away completely by the money changers.  Ethiopia experience a lack of water and have to be taught how to gain water from the sun so that they can feed their children.
In my humble experience money never solves the problem if it is not directly at the grass roots in the right way. Nor does the tower of Babel cities that are destined to be destroyed, give any real help to the people that are suffering from poverty. 

The UN should be funding the spiritual who know how to co-create ecological and self-sustainable homes from natural resources that can be easily replenished. Homes where they can grow enough food to feed their families. It does not take ‘education’ in a Western sense to give people a better life. It takes the right help, at the right time, in the right place to enhance their existing cultures and realities so that they can transcend the poverty and where they are now. 

Once the families have what they require on a health and well-being level, then you can talk about education in the manner that academics speak of. Until that time comes, academics do not a clue because they come from educated societies that do not know any other reality. 

We have proven that when the people are enhanced by their own culture and way of life, then they truly prosper in the right way, on the right track of integrity with the planet and its natural resources. We have proven that is easy for people to be compelled by love to provide a better future for their children because we know how important the children are to the parents. 

Children suffer because parents suffer. 

Education does not stop people having loads of children, because as this film shows its not about a lack of money, or a lack of education. It’s about a ‘belief’ system. 

Does education change ‘belief’? 

Did education change the belief of the educated Muslims? No, it didn’t. 

These Ethiopians believe that it is God’s will for them to have six to seven children.* 

So what do you suggest for changing their beliefs? 

Sharing with them how much that can harm the children? Sharing with them how much children suffer when parents are not able to provide the best of well-being for them due to their attention, love and care being split amongst many? How can contraception help if the people are not up for it? 

Does the West propose to push these people into desire to get them to stop having children? 

What are your solutions to this African country of pain and suffering because the governments of the West surely do not have them. 

The Son of God predicted that when I came I would be ashamed of this generation. 

“People are not a commodity, without love they become so’. From Sacred Words 

*Cryptic Comment by David Allen Stringer  If people, by their religion, believe that it is the Will of God that they should have 6 or 7 children, then they must face up to the karmic consequences of that belief and accept (1) that they must look after them themselves and (2) that, according to the laws of sustainable population vis-à-vis available resources such as apply to all species on the Planet some of them must inevitably die or suffer shortages and deprivation and it is not the moral duty of we “wealthier nations” to either accept them as economic migrants when we do nor believe in that kind of craziness, nor bail them out when they overload their boats and they sink! Often, we are better off partly because we have smaller families and so have more for each of fewer people!

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