Monday, 30 May 2011

Worship -v- Healing

kalamity kool  Wrote:
Nothing to heal in wanting, its as natural as the air. I could substitute another word and make it mean the same, but that would be just pedantic. I don't believe in 'inner children' either - pop psychology.All elections are wanting one candidate or another, there is nothing mystical about it.

Children have wants because they have certain requirements to survive, while they are dependent on others. However, some do not mature emotionally and spiritually at the appropriate time due to the sub-conscious mindfields, that hold specific memories that run like tapes unconsciously.

Only healers of consciousness understand the different fields, and how memory impacts upon it, not only on the individual but also future generations and the rest of the world.

Those that are truly humble have the humility to seek within to heal the self. Peace can only be found within and when people become peace self-sustainably that then impacts on the rest of the world. In my experience only by people healing the self does unity come to be.

While people look for unity outside of themselves, then they will continue to be a beast of burden that chases the carrot.

Unity does not come to be without self-purification due to the 'beliefs' of the people. Once people have moved beyond 'belief' they then come to know due to experience of consciousness. Spiritual alchemy is mighty indeed and the healers are God's holy angels.

You speak of worship and I speak of healing.

Worship seeks outside, healing seeks within.

Hence, why Christ and his followers were healers. He knew like other healers that the only way for people to begin their ascent is through healing.

In my experience, when people refuse to self-purify, then they do not break the never ending cycles. Hence, why humanity stays in the status quo. However, healers are now in much larger numbers and this is having a powerful impact on group consciousness.

When I ask people to heal I do it for good purpose and for their own good.

Time and time again, I am hearing stories of what as happened to people that did not take that good advice. The most recent is a situation where a woman is having to have a leg amputated. The one prior to that was a woman that had her womb removed and she as never given birth. I kept asking her to come and to heal. She refused and said 'I will do it my own way'.

People can avoid future health issues, if they are willing to heal their consciousness prior to manifestation of any ill-health. Good health is the greatest wealth.

Christ predicted that when I came I would judge people by their words. He knew that I would understand consciousness and the power of words upon it. In Judaic philosophy the word 'judgement' did not mean what it as become. Originally it was related to health and raising people up. Hence why the Essenes lived for 120 years and Prophet Isaiah predicted that people will live for 120 years again after the New City of Enlightenment is built. In the new city everyone is forgiven for what they have done. Why is forgiveness the key word? Without it, one can not open the heart. 'The depth of your forgiveness determines the depth of your love'. from Sacred Words

That is the benefit of experience and knowing. 

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