Friday, 6 May 2011


FRIDAY, 6 MAY 2011


I gave the bank another mouthful today, I told them what is coming upon them and all the money changers that work for the banks. I told them to get their end sorted out. I have had enough of being directed from one department to another. Enough of robotic systems with never ending letters, enough of customer complaints departments that don't carry out a thorough investigation. 

Enough of call centres and people with no responsibility to make decisions. Enough of people who say that's not my department. Enough of their immoral bank charges and the way that they run a business as a one sided reality. Enough of them ignoring what I have written to them; due to their robotic systems. Enough of letters being re-directed from your local branch to who knows who. 

Enough, enough, enough, to the money men that have got more money then sense. 

I have had a 30 year relationship with Lloyds Bank, both in business and personally. I can honestly say, I have never ever experienced the banks being in such a dire state of automation. Even when you get to talk to a person, they're absolutely automated and reading the same script. 

Never, in all of my born days, have I ever known people to be treated the way that they are being treated now. The banks know they're in trouble because they're now planning to separate the investing arm of banks from the banks on the high street. What they fail to understand, is that the people are not just furious with those that gamble with the peoples money. The people are furious every time they get a bank charge when the bank are at fault. In addition to their bank charges being completely immoral. The banks are overcharging the people, to boost their bottom line, to provide bigger dividends to their shareholders. 

Lloyds Bank you are OUT! 

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