Monday, 2 May 2011

400th Anniversary of the KJV

Biblegateway state that it is the 400th Anniversary of the KJV and did you know that the Queen of England owns the copyright? I wonder how many Christian Americans that stand against England know that?

Let's check out the importance of the number.

400 is the value of the Hebrew letter TAV and in the ancient pictographs it is a symbol of cross sticks in the shape of an X. The original letter means 'a mark', 'sign' or 'signature'. 

Biblewheel state that it is 'Thy Maker', 'Poured Out', 'Sackcloth', 'Harvest', 'Stubble', 'Small, little one', 'He shall judge thy people with righteousness', 'I speak righteousness', 'The height of heaven', 'Leper' in Hebrew.

In Greek gematria 400 = 'Holy and beloved', 'Grain, Corn'. 'Wine, Vinegar'. 'Unto Glory'.

The KJV is just one of many translations of the books that were chosen by the Church to co-create its cannon. What did cannons launch? Iron Balls...

Are iron balls appropriate for the 21st century and beyond? That depends whether you prefer violence or love beyond measure. The spiritual who completely surrender to their own souls, hang up their balls and then they get their wings to fly divine.

The 21st century was born in WISDOM and Christ predicted that 'WISDOM WILL BE PROVEN RIGHT BY HER ACTIONS'.




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