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Wisdom of Archaeology

Science Today, report that 'Ancient structures uncovered in Turkey and thought to be the world's oldest temples may not have been strictly religious buildings after all, according to an article in the October issue of 'Current Anthropology'. Archaeologist Ted Banning of the University of Toronto stated 'that he hopes that researchers will not automatically assume that the presence of art or decoration in structures at Gobekli and elsewhere denotes an exclusively religious building'.[1]

That is what I have been saying all along, in fact, the word religion does not even exist in biblical Hebrew. Also temple type buildings were also places for learning like Plato's Academy and modern day universities.  They also taught healing therapies and modalities in the ancient temples, that were sacred places just like a healing room. 

Gobekli specifically also holds messages of prophecy about the last days of the end times, it provides a warning to humanity about what will happen if humanity does not honor all that is sacred.

I feel in my heart that the Hagia Sophia was also built on the same lines as the library of Alexandria. A great spiritual forum for the philosophers, healers and scientists. Hence, why there is a stone there with 12 lambs that are said to be the apostles. 12, tender, gentle hearted lambs, clearly, the Hagia Sophia was for the gentle and tender hearted that were in spiritual alignment of the spiritual law. The lambs can also represent children, and where children went to learn. 

There is also research on what is titled 'Houses of the Rising Sun'. 

Research that sheds light on the Ancient Greeks.

"Dr Alun Salt, an astronomy technician from the Centre for Interdisciplinary Science at the University of Leicester, found that out of all the temples he surveyed in Sicily, all but one faced the rising sun."

He also mentions the possibility of an 'Astronomical fingerprint' and that the ancient world temples were an economic and political statement. However, many of us know that they were much more than that. 

In Sicily, they found that only one temple out of 41 faced West. [1]

Now that is an interesting number isn't it. One facing West. There is clearly a message there. 

41 is the Hebrew gematria value for 'em' = Mother, and East is the sacred direction of the teacher. 

In Greek gematria, 1 = Alpha, letter A, it is written that in Greek philosophy it as the astrological significance of Saturn, saturn is also the teacher of the spiritual law. West is the direction of the peace makers. However, in my reality the Alpha is the foundation of love. That is the beginning. Hence, why from the time that baby is conceived, until the end of the first year after the birth. It is absolutely crucial for the foundation of love for the baby. It is devoted love that helps the baby to learn to stand and walk, the love from parents strengthens them, gives them balance and a strong sense of stability to walk upon. 

It is during that time that the babies soul decides whether it is truly loved by its parents, the amount of attention, touch and tender loving care that they receive during that time, will impact on their view of their life on earth and how they respond to it. It also gives them a measure of love, and the greater the measure of love that parents give to babies, the greater their self-esteem is, as they begin to grow and take their first steps into life on earth. 

40 = MU, = letter M, the Greek gematria link states that its astrological significance is Libra. In Hebrew M is the MEM, and in the ancient pictographs it was a symbol of water. As we know M is also for Mother. In many, the relationship with the mother and its impact since pregnancy, often does not surface until people reach the age of 40. It is often in the 40's, that the people start to reflect and heal their lives, due to life conditions that have been a co-creation. 

The number 40 is also related to the prophet in the teachings of the Jewish sages and Nostradamus. 
Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness with the people and Nostradamus knew that the one to come would be a healer. Water also relates to the water bearers and the Age of Aquarius. 

So do the 41 temples relate to the 'Saturn in Libra' transit for the houses of the rising sun? The mother who is a teacher? We are currently in the Saturn in Libra transit, and it takes us right up to the 5th of October 2012. Just before the next presidential election. 

Were the Ancient Greeks leaving humanity important messages on the Island of Sicily? 

41 temples and only of them ONE facing WEST. 

It is written that the one temple facing WEST was the temple dedicated to Hecate, a lunar goddess, also called Queen of Heaven. However, no evidence is given to prove that in the article. I found these words about Hecate. 

Ovid, Fasti 1. 141 ff (trans.Boyle) (Roman poetry C1st B.C. to C1st A.D.) :
"You see Hecate’s faces turned in three directions so she can protect the triple crossroads."[5]

She was certainly associated with the mysteries and is referred to as the goddess of the crossroads on the spiritual path. That indicates a person that as completed their own spiritual path. That line from the poem indicates that she is the defender of the trinity that can be found in the ancient cultures as well as the 'Science of Being'. The three different faces of the woman, are also known as the three ages of woman, the third being the crone. However, Hecate was also called the 'Virgin' and the Virgin is symbolic of purity. 

An inscription from Miletus named her protector of the entrances and testimony to her presence. She has been associated with childbirth, nurturing the young, gates, walls, doorways, keys, crossroads, magic, lunar lore, torches and dogs.

In a Roman sculpture of her, she is very tall and slim, she is clearly on some kind of stake, is it meant to be symbolic of the cross? 

The Greek word Hecate means WILL. It has also been translated as 'her that operates from afar', 'her that removes or drives off'. 'the far reaching one', 'the far darter'. It is written that in the 3rd century BC, a sculptor depicted, show the three different images in age, against a single column. Around the column of Hecate, the three dancing are the charities. 

"Hesiod records that she was esteemed as the offspring of Gaia and Uranus, the Earth and Sky. Although associated with other moon goddesses such as Selene, she ruled over three kingdoms; the earth, the sea, and the sky. She had the power to create or hold back storms, which influenced her patronage of shepherds and sailors. 

It is written that she understood the nature of plants and vibrational medicine. So clearly, she was a healer. It is also written that she wore oak, oak is related to Abraham and in flower essences it is for people who overwork. The acorn from the oak is also to do with love and healing. Hence, why Michelangelo also used acorns in the artistry of his frescos. 

Garlic is also connected with her and as we know garlic keeps the colds away. Another natural medicine. The cypress is also mentioned in the bible. 

Prophet Isaiah spoke about the cypress tree and it appears in chapter 44. No coincidence then that this is a year of four. 

He cut down cedars, or perhaps took a cypress or oak. He let it grow among the trees of the forest, or planted a pine, and the rain made it grow. Isaiah 44:14

Academic historians have written about Hecate down the ages, like they do about most spirituality that they do not understand, as such they refer to the healer and those that honored her as being a cult. Then you have the other end of the pole and modern day pagans have adopted the ancient goddess as their own and have written books about her. Isaiah 44 basically tells the pagans that their idols will not save them in this timeline. 

Hecades was clearly a healer and a healer of animals as well. The dog is also associated with temple dogs, and it was traditional to have dogs to defend the sacred places in those days. 

The most gorgeous temple dogs come from Tibet, so there is clearly a strong link here with Tibet, the far east and the Chinese Year of the Dog. The next Chinese Year of the Dog will be in 2018. 

However, the dog pictured with her looks more like an afgan and as we know  there was once an incredible, and huge, thriving spiritual country in the region. Truly, a golden spiritual era in that region of what is now Afganistan during the Greco-Roman time.

In addition to the fact, that the key of life from Egypt was well known across the ancient world, and as we know the head of the cobra was worn on the headdress of the ancient egyptians. Does this mean that they were involved in what is known as the dark arts? Of course not. Not unless you can provide me with evidence to the contrary. 


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