Sunday, 9 October 2011

24 Copts Killed in Egypt

It was in July that we gave the interpretation of the 'Egypt Castle Crop Circle' and what could be anticipated due to the Muslim Brotherhood.

We also had the recent Anubis Gateway opening in Egypt a few days ago on the 1st of October, 2011.

As you know last weekend I was picking up on the planetary energy of 'panic attack' and when I was looking at the front of the JPost and Reuters about what is going on in Egypt, I was feeling the panic again.

24 Christian Copts have died in Egypt in clashes with police.

24 is the number of those that surround the throne in the bible.

Reuters report "What happened today is unprecedented in Egypt. 17 corpses crushed by military tanks," Hossam Bahgat, human rights activist tweeted from hospital. "I saw bodies missing hands and legs, heads twisted away or plastered to the ground."

May they rest in peace, and may there be calm in Cairo and Alexandria.



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