Saturday, 1 October 2011


After a little walk today, I saw a magpie flying into the tree, then as I was walking on the grass, I saw that someone had placed a small cross outside on my right in front of the fence.

The cross as a poppy on it and the word remembrance. The Poppy and the cross is usually to do with what is known as 'Remembrance Day' and "Poppy Day' in the UK and in Commonwealth countries.

It is the day that the people honor those that have died in war, and it is usually held on the 11th of November. That date is 11.11.

This year it will be 11.11.13 = 8 and that is a spiritual number. 8 also divides 4 and this is a FOUR YEAR in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.

We have the magpie, the cross, poppy and remembrance. Last night we wrote about Elijah's Monastery in Iraq. The Mar ELIA holiday that used to be honored in Iraq in ancient times, on the last Wednesday in November. So what message does the magpie bring to us today? Magpie is a European bird so this relates to Europe. It also comes from the class of AVES. The bird was also known as a pie until the 16th century when the feminine mag was added to the front of it.

It is written that the magpie is one of the few animals that can recognize itself in a mirror test. Its a clever bird and destroys the pests. It also takes things and hides them in its nest, its like a collector, likes to hoard. Was the pie named after the Pi? Was mag added due to its connection with magdalene?

The bird is black and white with a sheen type plumage, as I am writing this I am feeling the priory of sion again. There are certainly happenings coming in November, I keep being shown November. Magpie also indicates opportunity is coming, news is coming from a collector. If there was ever a bird to symbolize the metaphysics of Magdalene this is it. From the Gospel of Mary we know, that Magdalene was clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient.

When I was looking at the cross and the poppy, it also brought Michael Magnus Mauldin to my remembrance. He died in 2010 and he lived in Marietta, Georgia, USA. Although he was born in South Africa. Michael is mentioned in the book of Daniel and our work against the Persian Prince. As we know it was the Persians that killed the people at Elijah's monastery because they refused to convert to Islam, so they died instead.

I have a real sense that Michael and I were also together at Elijah's monastery in Iraq in ancient times; and that is why we had such a strong connection in this life. Yes, he is saying yes. That is another reason why the scripture about the Queen of South mentioned the men from Nineveh and the sign of Jonah. Although the whale did turn up in Israel in May 2010 exactly as Christ predicted that it would in the NT.

This picture of the poppy was taken on lake Geneva and Nostradamus also made a prophecy about Geneva. As we know poppies are also associated with drugs and opium, and there is a saying that 'religion is the opium of the masses'. Hence, why Michael and I stood against it. However, many people in the USA are willing their own deaths due to the drugs that they are taking. In fact, the LORD God said 'You have signed your own death warrants'.

Something very big is going to happen in November, I can feel it in my water. I was also told that it is going to be a long winter and that it will stretch to April next year.

Then those who feared the LORD talked with each other, and the LORD listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the LORD and honored his name. Malachi 3:6 Its no coincidence that is verse 36 because 36 is the gematria value for Tzadikim. A righteous soul. A scroll of remembrance was given to me when I was sent on the first mission to Israel in 2006. That tells me that Rya, the writer of the scroll of remembrance was also at that monastery in Iraq in a past life. 

When people drank the wine they were asked to remember Christ. However, in Jewish tradition it is Elijah that is honored by the wine and a place setting is laid out for Elijah in anticipation of the arrival of the Jewish Messiah, Messiah Joseph. However, in ancient times there was a tradition of pouring red wine over the bread. An Israeli described it as the masculine and the feminine. 

However, the bread is symbolic of the manna and the wine is symbolic of the prophet. You can't have one without the other. That is why the people received the manna when Moses was on the planet, that is why the people are receiving the manna now. The one that the LORD God promised to send is here, pouring out their holy spirit upon the people. 

Michael always used to say to me 'You are the ONE'. 

The Son of God drew very close to me last night, he knows the impact of the planetary energies are having an adverse impact on my being, due to me being so sensitive to planetary energies. 

An empath. 

The biblical prophecies are true, the righteous and suffering due to the iniquities of men. 

Here is the last post that we made on the poppy. [1]



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