Saturday, 15 October 2011

Broken Planes and Global Protests

We have shared information about predictions of the planes burning down when the LORD God said  'Lotus turns up the heat, the planes are burning down'. He also told the people that they had signed their own 'Death Warrants'.

Today there is news of another plane crash. It mentions that the 29 nine year old pilot is a British resident, that means they are not British by birth. The plane crash took place in Switzerland and there was a 40 year old man on board as well. The two people were flying in a Piper aircraft when it hit the ground. It had taken off from Colombier in Western Switzerland early yesterday. It was heading for Amiens in northern France.

News reports state that without warning, the plane broke off contact with ground control after being in the air for 30 minutes it went down at Lake Neuchatel.

I did pick up on the word 'broke' yesterday, there was certainly something broken on that plane. The press and police have not issued the names of the people involved, and my heart sunk when I saw the news. I just hope that a friend of mine who is a pilot, a British resident living in Switzerland is OK, and that she was not the pilot. I await to hear news from her for confirmation.

There as also been another air crash in Papua New Guinea, and 28 people have died during a violent thunderstorm. The press report on the second air disaster also mentions the word 'broke'. Press reports state that part of the fuselage caught fire on impact. One of the survivors that escaped the plane crash said that 'He told the nurses he was sitting on the SEVENTH seat and the plane broke in half". The two pilots of the plane were from Australia and New Zealand, most of the passengers were on their way to their children's graduation ceremony.

The LORD said 'Somebody is doing their thesis on you'. Well I hope that it is a good one LORD, and gives glory to you.

In the meantime, there are protests running in 82 different countries around the world, and there as been some violent incidents in Rome, clearly due to infiltrators of the movement. As much as I support the global protests, and it is a biblical prophecy being fulfilled. There is still a lot for them to learn about who is leading this movement.





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