Monday, 24 October 2011


The LORD God said that torture was unbearable and more bodies of Gaddafi supporters have been found to be executed. Yet, they have audacity to call themselves Muslims. The LORD's commandment 'Thy shall not murder'. 'Do not pollute the land with bloodshed'. Only those unfaithful to the LORD God would ever murder a person.

From the news report it looks like conservative Islam is taking over, just like Iran.

What are men promised?

As many wives as they like.


The bible was correct about the oil rich nations that plunder the rest, shame will cover your glory.

Shame as certainly covered the glory of Obama, Cameron, Nato, and all the people that were involved in the regime change in Libya. Murder is not the right way to bring about positive change. Now what do you have instead in Libya? A regressive move and just different men in power.



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