Monday, 10 October 2011


Well it was last year that the LORD first spoke about the 'Tsunami of Pain', that was followed with the messages about the tectonic plates and earth shifting. We have also mentioned that I saw a vision of an eruption under the sea. In more recent weeks, I have also seen flooding and land breaking away, literally falling into the sea on the coastlines of West and Northern Africa. Last night,  I was also picking up on planetary 'panic attacks'. 

Today, Spain as issued a submarine eruption alert, a volcanic eruption off the coast of El Hierro and it is four-five miles south of La Restinga. The Canary News reports that there have also been 9,600 earthquakes since mid July, that is a lot of quakes for that tiny Island. However, the Washington Post report 10,000.

Last year we also shared the Island prophecies from Prophet Isaiah for this timeline, and informed you that no Island is safe. So please share with people so that they can decide to move and leave the Islands, go in land and up high.


Our advice is the same as it was to Japan, evacuate.


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